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Hello my friend!

The longer the hair will be, they require more care, I get that with every centimetre length to feel more. In the last few months I've noticed, my current hair care consisting of some fluid and a few drops of oil simply no longer enough. So, I had to figure out, I like it again to smooth, soft hair can turn. First of all, I bought a new pair of hair scissors, because I had the feeling, that I me with the old more split ends in your hair out cut and see there, the ends are now much healthier.


My small Rossmann Haul with Aloe Vera juice, delicious organic Lavender tea and a new pair of hair scissors.


What I've also noticed: Need my hair (!) Moisture. Oil while leading them to shine and protects the tip from split ends, However, before they become nice and soft, have they been stringy.

Wie du ja vielleicht weißt, I use serum, that I can't not so good then for hair care to use it up, because my hair love the light and moisturizing texture and the Sera conjure me a light fragrance in your hair. They consist in the rules to a large extent of moisturizing ingredients, as Aloe Vera juice or Glycerin. This is why I've arrived so happy as press samples by Farfalla with Aloe Vera gel with me, I have used immediately for my hair. Very well maintained, they feel soft and shiny with the Aloe Vera Gel an, Which one Gurkensamenöl had mixed. Finally, I've noticed a really big difference in my hair and she began to feel again silky. But unfortunately, I even don't like to like the scent, Therefore, I use it as pre-wash Spa before shampooing.


The aloe vera gel cucumber seeds maintains not only the skin but also the hair and makes it wonderfully soft.


To do this I mix Aloe Vera gel, Body lotion or any other, not too rich cream and hand them out in my hair lengths, then warm a few drops of the Strengthening hair oil by DABBA *. in the palms of my hand and she was wearing up on the top and something in the lengths and let it soak in for, When it come to just, else but also several hours or overnight. After washing, the hair is then beautifully soft and light durchkämmbar also without much flushing.


Currently I use for tips and pre-wash the strengthening hair oil by DABBA Spa.


So that the scent of Aloe Vera gel not so bothers me, do I use the "White Smoothie" limited edition of alverde, that so gloriously coconut and mango Lassi scent and reminds me of vacations and summer! I'm going to buy me definitely still a backup of it, because I so like the scent and I used up almost the half bottle.

(Small note: I have extremely voluminous hair, Therefore, it is not bad, If I use body lotion for maintaining, If you have but fine hair, could be complained they thereby, use better Aloe Vera gel. :))



Buy I will Aloe Vera and cucumber seeds gel unfortunately not, because me the scent is too intense. For this I have Aloe Vera gel from Alterra bought later, This is brand new in the assortment and easy fresh scent after Quince.



I had some concerns about the many alcohol, But if you compare the ingredients, is the alcohol content in two very high. The cucumber seed oil is missing though, I compensate that but with a few drops of DABBA Haaröles.

Here the ingredients in comparison:

Farfalla Aloe Vera gel cucumber seeds:


Alterra Aloe Vera gel:

Aqua, Alcohol denat. *., Aloe barbadensis leaf juice *., Glycerin, Sorbitol, Dehydroxanthan Gum, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder*, Algin, Pyrus Cydonia fruit extract *., Sodium Lactate, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Perfume **. *ingredients from certified organic agriculture * from natural essential oils

The Alterra gel contains even more Aloe Vera juice, but less plant extracts (as Rosemary extract) and no cucumber seed oil.


For normal hair care I use like in between some Aloe Vera gel and a few drops of hair oil, but leave off the body lotion, since they will be too stringy.

If hair care and hairstyles especially interested, look at the category "Hair band" account, in the last article when it became Braiding hairstyles. Soon there is live again my hair pictures, because the topic next month is "dream hair and desired length".

Which product best nourishes your hair? Do you also sometimes use products for the hair, they are actually intended for it? 

Lots of love,

*The Farfalla Aloe Vera and cucumber seeds were oil gel and the DABBA me cost- and unconditionally provided.

3 thoughts on “Finally soft hair!”

  • It sounds really nice! I did not get which has alterra also an Aloe Vera gel, the face it would be for me too many ingredients and alcohol but it sounds good for the hair with a little oil, Thanks for the tip!
    Many greetings,

    • Just as I'm, I can't unfortunately not so good alcohol in skin care, but it doesn't bother my hair :) Also passes the job just a little of it. Very much like, Hopefully it works out for you as well! :)

  • My hair have so phases where they are literally dust-dry, so lately. It helps only LOC (short for liquid-oil cream), so in principle the, What are you doing. To do this I moisten my hair ends with some tap water, take the Alverde hair oil or babassu oil and a cream by HeyMountain. I must not even wash out, It pulls over night an O.O
    Instead of the cream I have taken even body lotion or hand cream just like you, but the diversity of fragrance at Heymountain spoke me then so :D

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