“End Of Summer LE” alverde (Swatches + Tragebilder)

Hello my friend!
Now I post still about Limited Editions, because it has already illuminated me today, the new “End of Summer” LE and thus also the Lipstick Pencils to which I was so keen! :D
When can Alterra Quattro from the last post I resist and not buy it, but mixed together my beautiful champagne tone of a Lavera Duo and an old alverde eyeshadow (at least it will look very similar). Nevertheless, shame about the amazing coconut fragrance, but at least save money ;).
But now first one after the other:
alverde End Of Summer Limited Edition Aufsteller
The stand is fully in autumnal colors held.
Presented I have friends all products already in my last post.
What had interested me the most burning, waren die Lipstick-Pencils, who were in the range alverde some time ago, but were taken out. You remember the famous Chubby Sticks Clinique, Astor and co.
On behalf they are beautiful creamy, yet firm and the colors have all appealed to me! A slight glitter exists, you really know him but only at close range, Otherwise, I have a feeling, the act lips rather full and shiny. In shopping basket are then 20 Nude and 10 Berry landed, because I was afraid, that the red color blurred at such a creamy consistency for easy and looks inaccurate and because I do not often wear striking colors. There are to two purchased treasures end of Swatches More Info :).
alverde End Of Summer Limited Edition Lipstick Pencils Duo Highlighter Bronzer Swatches
In addition, you see the Duo Bronzer and highlighter, I find really beautiful, the bronzer is just a little too light and too little ashy and highlighter I have enough :D. Here dominates the shimmer, nevertheless glitter particles contained.

alverde End Of Summer Limited Edition Rouge Swatches
The two loose Blushes can be seen on my little tanned skin, unfortunately, hardly, neither real nor in the somewhat dark and reddish geratenen Photo.
Nevertheless, two great soft autumn tones! For me, however, unfortunately a bit too little pigmented.
And finally there was the Shimmer fluid test, which unfortunately is quite orangsstichig, but otherwise beautifully shimmers!
alverde End Of Summer Limited Edition Schimmer Fluid Swatches
Of the three eyeshadow pencils there have not got a tester, I gave you the color therefore simply photographed so:
alverde End Of Summer Limited Edition Eyeshadow Pencils Lidschattenstift
In addition, the LE contains a orange eye shadow, However I liked the mediocre and two Maskara, a brown and a black. I have my perfect mascara with the Alterra Extreme Volume (green) already found :).
But now to the, which makes the LE so interesting for me:
alverde End Of Summer Limited Edition Lipstick Pencils
Berry I discovered in a make-up on a blog post a while ago (old reviews you'll find, for example, here, here and here) and fell in love with the color, but unfortunately I had to find, that it was taken out of the product range.
All the more, I am pleased now, that it is making a comeback in this LE!
What continues to be governed rather awkwardly at two pins: You can not be unscrew, but the Plastic must be sharpened. I find that very sad and think it would not be so easy to tip in front of the Stick. A rotating mechanism would clearly skilful.
alverde End Of Summer Limited Edition Lipstick Pencil Berry
Here in the close-up you can see once again the slight glitter particles and the beautiful shimmer.
And this is “10 Berry” on my lips from:
alverde End Of Summer Limited Edition Lipstick Pencil Berry Tragebild
alverde End Of Summer Limited Edition Lipstick Pencil Berry Tragebild
From further away is the Gleam subtly, the Glitter hardly or not visible and the Lips look almost matt, full and uniform! Nevertheless, the lipstick pencil is rather tight and waxy, dissolves or not is also on the lips.
alverde End Of Summer Limited Edition Lipstick Pencil Berry Tragebild
And here is the beautiful Nude-Ton, to which I was not excited, who then convinced me the swatches:
alverde End Of Summer Limited Edition Lipstick Pencil Nude
Even on my lips, it fits in the category “lips but better” and I believe in striking eye makeup I imagine him mad with!
alverde End Of Summer Limited Edition Lipstick Pencil Nude Tragebild
alverde End Of Summer Limited Edition Lipstick Pencil Nude Tragebild
From a distance, you see hardly anything, lips act but well-kept and full, the lips also act here somewhat dull:
alverde End Of Summer Limited Edition Lipstick Pencil Nude Tragebild
Also from the Durability I am pleasantly surprised, since the sticks rather yes firm and opaque they also hold very long, I suspect the red Lipstick Pencil will hold even without lip liner!
The Care is only okay and not really compare with care color products, although pleasant and not too dry, as some highly pigmented lipsticks of alverde. A little, like you're Shea- Lubricate or cocoa butter on the lips.
All the ingredients you can find at “The duck stays out” :).
In addition, there are other Swatches for example “Vegan Kitchen Beauty“.
What do you say to the LE? :)
Is it stupid or virtually alverde, other, from the standard range products taken back in a LE to present?
Liebe Grüße,

14 thoughts on ““End Of Summer LE” alverde (Swatches + Tragebilder)”

  • Oh cool, you have already seen and equal geswatcht! The loose abstractions are for me then probably also too little Pigmented, I need currently really wumms, so you can see what. Bronzers and shimmer fluid shimmer me too much, keep only the two Mascaras. I've opened lately only the blue the last Le, that was very dry and the not so great wearing comfort. Now, I am slightly unsure of themselves, whether I should buy the Brown, or not. It sees ' Berry’ great and me smiling at, but I actually have enough lip products. Let's see whether I remain steadfast.

    • And, I was so looking forward to the lipstick pencils, I could hardly wait :D. They come out the better for lighter skin, I've seen even now switches, where they were intense, Perhaps this is also due to my slight holiday Tan :D. I have to admit, that I've never tried an alverde mascara, only by Dr. Hauschka and Alterra, but I hear not so much good about the Mascaras, therefore that will remain so well a while. :)
      And, I particularly like Berry, I have also a whole lot of lip products, but he had to! :D

  • If I was not just yesterday at dm, would I go tomorrow & Watch, the LE is already there.. but actually, I have no time to do so.
    The lip pencil in Berry is great! But this is really stupid with the sharpening, Since I prefer first off wait next week(?) the new standard range of alverde comes out & decide then ;)
    LG vici

    • And, is true, There are a few things added. Some say you can tip the lipstick pencils only with the alverde Pencil Sharpener, I'm going with my old essence Spitzer try it on occasion, and then edit the post again :).

  • Wow the lipsticks are really great!
    Maybe I'm the sound “Berry” also take a closer at. Thank you for the present the products and for the link ☺
    Liebe Grüße
    The duck

  • Clearly, it's a little unimaginative, A former standard products in a LE to pack but honestly, am I pleased, because I have maybe one year almost daily worn the PIN in the color of Berry and used up and was totally shocked when I wanted to buy him, that he flew out of the range.
    I'm not coming back but me, because finally the lipstick smelled kinda funny like the oil is rancid. Would be so shit, a second pen store, to make him be bad.

    Hopefully I find even a pen in my dm. :S

    • And, I agree! On the one hand somehow to creative, on the other hand, I am overjoyed now but still on it to get :). Oh, good to know, then I'll buy arguably no other me, If they are reduced. Thank you for the note and good luck at the “Berry” snag! :)

  • Sadly slumbering me personally in this LE, as unfortunately, almost always with Alverde, too many carpal mine in the products, what I myself simply not can befriend as a vegetarian and want to. Really too bad, because the lip pencils as well as the abstractions I loved at first sight real good.

    Liebe Grüße :)

    • Yes, which I find has long been a point of criticism, you could a lot more beetroot Pulver and co. work. I personally have to admit but, It doesn't bother me, I also don't really have what in my organic yogurt against Carmine. But I can also fully understand it, If you would like to refrain from! And then usually only bronzer and a few beautiful lipsticks remain.

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