Why shower body lotion is maybe not such a bad idea.

Hello my friend!

Shower-Lotion is now also avaliable from natural brands but a lot of people don’t like them a lot. This is because you need more water and you wash away some of the good ingredients.

Nevertheless I bought a shower bodylotion from Alterra last year and today I want to show you why a lotion in the shower is not such a bad idea in my opinion.


I use bodylotion and conditioner at the same time, so I don’t have to use more water to wash both away. I got this idea from Jess in this article.

Some part of the product will be washed away, so if you prefer more nourishing lotions and oils such a product coud be not the right thing for you. A great advantage is that the lotion spreads in seconds on the skin and leaves a silky skin without any stickiness. I love this especially in summer and for warm weather.


The greatest benefit is the result while using it for shaving. While I always get dry skin by using shower gel or shaving cream, the lotion leaves my skin super smooth. I would recommend to wash the razor blade with soap or shower gel afterwards. :)

Another great way to use it is for travelling because it can easily be used as a conditioner, a hand or foot cream or even a face-cream at a push.

The only problem is, that this lotion by Alterra is not in their product range anymore, so I have to buy the slightly more expensive version from lavera when mine is empty.

What do you think about bodylotion in the shower?

Have you tried such a product yet?

Lot's of love,


3 thoughts on “Warum Dusch-Bodylotion vielleicht doch keine so schlechte Idee ist.”

  • I have to admit, that I to not- Fans of in- Shower body lotions belong. The name alone I find scary. I think your tip to shave but great, love Julia! :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  • Hello :) I have tested the lotion by Lavera after your article now and have to say, It is good for me totally! I'm otherwise really not a fan of cream and so, I hate feeling sticky/sticky on the skin, but that's not a problem with the in shower lotion :) I have indeed no comparison, because I have not tested the lotion of Alterra, but by Lavera I can only recommend that friends. Maybe you must tell you still, I like very much the typical smell of Lavera, This could be a minus point for other.
    Liebe Grüße, Jules

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