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Hello my friend! 

At the Couleur caramel event within the framework of this year's Vivaness, could I take a look, now are three products of the new spring- Summer collection “Dolce Vita” eingetrudelt from Couleur caramel for me. She has been the 01.04. available, I'm so very late with my review, Nevertheless I would not deprive these friends, because one of the three has become a constant companion in my handbag since. :)




Complexion illuminator

4,5 g for 39,50 Euro, vegan



Let's start with the product, which I can unfortunately least go on. The highlighter is me much personally unfortunately too dark and warm to him to apply to the cheek bones. Also the glitter particles are unfortunately much too intense for me, It's a shame, When the good consistency. It can be spread very well and dazzle, can be applied more or less it under the cheek bone as kind of contour. I like the pen shape, the content can be easily turn out. Still, I like unfortunately coarse glitter not, at least not with complexion products, like bronzer, or highlighter, Therefore he is not with me in use. My idea to use it as an eye shadow failed, because he is too little Pigmented.



"319 UVA", 4 ml for 22,50 Euro, vegan



About this beautiful hue “UVA” was I delighted, because the limited edition also includes next to this color“Acqua”, a cool turquoise blue, which I like though, but at my green brown eyes, I find the purple red burgundy tone the better choice. Covers well the liquid eyeliner, is easy to apply and holds up very well after the drying, much like the Golden eyeshadow from the Zanzibar-LE from Couleur caramel. I like to use it, because it acts on the first look dark and like a normal eyeliner, but upon closer, and in the Sun radiates and shines it adorable.



Twist & lip

"411 Rosa", 3 g for 25,50 Euro, not vegan



Now we come to my personal highlight of the limited edition: One of the two new colors of the twist & Lip series. “411 Rosa” is not the shade, When I first came, Since I prefer normally warm tones and therefore probably "410 Corallo" would have put to me, But what a luck, I have not even chosen! Because this fruity and bright red is just perfect to kupferfarbenem eye shadow and has fought for a permanent place in my purse.

The texture is wonderfully creamy and soothing, semi matte finish, where's more towards the shiny. The order has children light and you can draw even a reasonably accurate line. Blottet to the lip crayon with a cosmetic towel, is he matt, grooming and bright beautiful. The message is all the more gratifying, the two colors will remain firmly in the range.








Here you can see all three colors geswatched, as you can see, is the eyeliner very opaque, the highlighter is somewhat spotty, When you try to apply more of it, What makes him do not use as eyeshadow. The lip crayon is creamy and opaque. All three products are unbeduftet.



In the first picture, I wear only the eyeliner with some mascara.


All three products can be seen here, on the lips I have in the middle in addition a pink eyeshadow from the Couleur caramel range N. 2 spotted.





Next products, which I have used for Make-Up:


So organic Étic BB cream

Angel Minerals Mineralfoundation “Champagne”

alverde lash extension duo Mascara

Rosaner eyeshadow from the Couleur caramel range N. 2

Some of the pink eyeshadow on the Lips spotted

Brown grey eyeshadow from the Couleur caramel range N. 2

Alterra Eyebrow gel from a LE

Purobio Bronzer the eyebrow




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Here in theCouleur caramel shop You can look at the other products of the LE and order or Oncovia, There eyeliner and lip crayon are even currently reduced. :)


How do you find the Dolce Vita LE?


Lots of love,



The three products were sent me free of charge and without conditions. I'm always only my own, honest opinion again.


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