Digital Planner 2022 by BestThyme

Hello my friends!

First of all, thank you so much for all the messages and positive reviews on Etsy this year, I was very happy to receive them and I’m getting back to you with a new calendar for 2022!

A brand new addition is a daily calendar, where each day is individually linked in the yearly, monthly and weekly overviews. In addition, as always, there is a PDF version and a planner for GoodNotes 5 in which the individual weekdays can be moved as desired.

This year the different template combinations are combined in one purchase. That means with the PDF weekly planner you get four different combinations (each box and line design in the monthly overview and box and line design in the weekly overview), with the PDF daily planner two versions (months in box and line design) and with the GoodNotes 5 planner two versions (months in box and line design). It’s best to choose one design before you start, because in GoodNotes 5 (and in most other note apps) you can move pages within a file without breaking the links, but not between two files.

Digital Planner 2022 Download – BestThyme on Etsy

You can find the three different calendars here:

In the planner for GoodNotes 5, the days of the week can be dragged as usual, so that days packed with appointments take up more space and relaxed days take up less.

Some templates are also new, such as a timetable, monthly tracker or lists.

I hope you like this year’s calendar. I am very happy about feedback of any kind, you can reach me most easily via Etsy.

Thank you so much for the support and see you next year!

You want more information about digital planning, find my FAQ in the article of 2019!

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  • Hi Julia, big fan of your digital planners, just wondering if you were able to design a dark mode version this year? As I do most of my journaling and planning at night and white text on black background reflects less light making it easier to read and more comfortable on the eyes. Keep up the great work, looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    – Huss.

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