BestThyme – Digital Planner 2021

The new 2022 digital calendar is now online, learn more here.

Hello my friends!

Thank you for your great feedback about the last calendars, it has motivated me to create one again this year.
Unfortunately I only managed to finish it up now, I hope it’s not too late for you to still use it. Especially the GoodNotes 5 version is a huge effort, because I have to copy all the data by hand and move it to the right place.

Thanks for the lovely coffee donations last year, although they weren’t quite enough for a Dropbox premium subscription, they did cheer me up :). Feel free to contact me if you made a donation in 2020 and I will send you a discount code for the 2021 calendar.

After four years and four digital planners, I decided to upload the 2021 calendar on Etsy, since my Dropbox links were blocked this year due to too many downloads. It is not free but I tried to make it a lot cheaper than the average planner on Etsy.

I hope you enjoy the planner, you can find it in my new Etsy store from now on:

Digital Planner 2021 Download – BestThyme on Etsy

For a sample (includes only January) just write me a mail :).

There are again four different PDF versions:
(Grid Month + Grid Week,
Grid Month + Lined Week,
Lined Month + Lined Week,
Lined Month + Grid Week)

with hyperlinks for every month and every week (including the yearly overview).

and four different GoodNotes 5 versions:
(Grid Month + Box Week,
Grid Month + Lined Week,
Lined Month + Lined Week,
Lined Month + Box Week)

also with all the hyperlinks and as a special feature you can move every day of the week to fit your day!

Unfortunately, I always have to make separate versions out of these, otherwise the hyperlinks to the month overview won’t work, so be sure to check them out carefully and pick the right version.

Thank you so much for your support!

You want more information about digital planning, find my FAQ in last years article!

6 thoughts on “BestThyme – Digital Planner 2021”

  • Hi! I used your 2020 planner last year and I LOVED IT. Super excited to come across your 2021 version! I was worried I wasn’t going to able to find your website again haha but glad I found it :)

  • Hi Julia, I was wondering if you are also going to make a version for notability? I really wanted to use your planner last year but was unable to :( hopefully a notability version is still on the table?

    • Hey Darren, I wanted to make a notability version, too, there is just one problem:
      I haven’t figured out, if it is possible in Notability to move multiple elements at once. GoodNotes has this feature with the lasso-tool and that is the only way I found so far to make the weekdays movable.
      You can use the PDF version for this year with Notability (or any other app, that supports PDFs with Hyperlinks), the only feature that you will miss then, is the feature to move the days. But you can still use the hyperlinks and have the planners design :)

  • Hi Julia,

    I’m excited to see a 2021 version of your planner available. However, I was hoping to see a dark version option. Any chance this will be available soon happy to pay you for it. Keep up the great work, looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    – Huss.

  • This product is simply strong. I think the product is top, because it convinces me all around.
    Thank you for introducing this Digital Planner.

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