Digital Calendar 2020 [Free download]

The new 2022 digital calendar is now online on Etsy, learn more here.

Hello my friend!

This year was so busy and so many things happened, that it was very quiet on the blog. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t like to hide my yearly digital planner from you! :)

Since I have received so much motivating feedback and requests about a new calendar for 2020, I decided to invest the time and to release a planner again.

What's new at Digital Planner 2020?

Due to your feedback, there have been some changes in this year’s version. Away from a “notebook” bullet journal to a calendar. In the last versions I wrote the font myself in GoodNotes and copied it to the right places. One of the advantages was the possibility to remove everything and arrange it yourself, but the downside of erasing a date or other important information from time to time during normal use. This was one of the frequently requested improvements.

So I thought about at which point it is essential for me to move or remove content. Personally, I usually only change the weekly overviews of my calendar, because some days are more busy and others more relaxed. So I wanted to keep this feature. In the monthly overviews I only use the links but prefer not to move or remove anything. So this calendar is half customizable, you can change the versions with lined weekly overviews in GoodNotes by moving the grey blocks and days of the week.

By the way: If you prefer the old planner with my handwriting, you can simply download the calendar from last year and move the data. Even the stickers from the last versions and overviews like “Travel”, “Habit Tracker”, etc. I didn’t insert them again this time, but the old files from 2018 and 2019 are still online, so you can simply download it (if you haven’t already) and then copy the stickers or overviews into the new calendar.


Here you can download the different versions, enjoy them! (By clicking on the download links, you leave this website and you are redirected to dropbox.)

Choose between a monthly overview with lines or table design and a weekly overview with lines or boxes:

  • Month Table
  • Month Lines
  • Week Boxes
  • Week Lines (editable)
  • Year overview
  • Black marble cover
  • White marble cover

The download links are offline now, get the new planner on Etsy:

Digital Planner 2022

Goodnotes download links

PDF download links

Changelog: (v2/10.12) Changed wrong weekday, (v3/30.12) changed wrong last tab that should be blanc

At the end of this article you will find a FAQ about the digital calendar! You can get the download links for the planner with editable links for other apps (beta) there as well.

Leave feedback and ideas for improvement here as a comment under the article.

I hope you have a lot of fun with the calendar and a great year 2020! :)

Lot's of love,


Which device do I need to use the planner?

In general, this works with every app and with every tablet and a digital pen and even with your computer, smartphone or . Below I have both a version for GoodNotes for iPad and a PDF file for each device and app that can read a PDF file. The only advantage of GoodNotes by using this template is that the versions with the lined weekly overviews can be changed.

Can I use the planner with a different app than GoodNotes?

You can use all PDF downloads with any other notebook app. If the app supports hyperlinks, these will also work. Only the dragging in the two lined versions is not possible, I therefore have two experimental beta download links for editable PDFs. I tried this with several apps (Notability, NotesPlus, Zoomnotes, Documents,... ) and it is seldom fully imported. But they work fine in the preview app on the Mac. If they don’t work in your favorite notebook app, just download the normal PDF version from the downloads above.

How do I use Hyperlinks in GoodNotes

To use the hyperlinks in GoodNotes, you have to activate the “Read” tool, i.e. the symbol with the crossed out pencil. This is the only way to jump between the pages with links.

How do I move and rearrange the days of the week?

Have you downloaded one of the versions with a lined weekly overview as a .goodnotes file? Now you can select the days of the week and the grey bar in the weekly overview with the lasso tool and move or even delete them.
With other apps this might work with the experimental download as well, as explained above under “Can I use the planner with another app than GoodNotes?”.

Can I use the calendar as a classic bullet journal?

If you want to use the calendar as a traditional bullet journal and for instance only use the monthly overviews, you can simply delete the weekly overviews and copy and paste blank or lined pages, which are located after each month and at the end of the calendar. The links on the page will not change, so you can still jump from month to month. Let your creativity blossom! :)
If you want to change the months completely, you can use a template from the last years and erase and replace the old dates. :)

Is there a landscape version of the planner?

Unfortunately not yet, but you can ” switch” the planner to landscape format with a little trick. To do so, simply rotate the iPad to landscape format, open the calendar in a new window and then open the planner in both GoodNotes windows opened side by side. The only problem are the month tabs, which are both on the right side.

Oh no, the download isn’t working!

If the link does not work for a short time, Please be patient, then I have to upgrade my dropbox subscription for higher traffic. Best you try it again the next day. If it still doesn’t work, feel free to comment under this article! :)

Why is it a good idea to use a planner or bullet journal digitally?

Save paper
The paperless office, i.e. the digital archiving and creation of all documents, as I am doing now, saves a lot of paper. You don’t have to print out scripts or documents, just sign them digitally. For example, for scanning, I use the app “Scanner Pro”, because it has OCR as font recognition.
Better organisation
Thanks to this digital storage, the documents are better sorted and you almost always have them at hand. Everything is much tidier, as long as you put it down correctly.
Device sync
Do you want to add something to the to-do list in bed to clear your head? Or to search your notes on the way? With a synchronized app on your phone, you can view the documents or add something even if the tablet is not in reach. Of course, this is not suitable for large entries but works great for smaller notes. GoodNotes even has a desktop version that allows you to view and edit documents.
At university, I do not carry a huge pencil case, only two pens. A black Muji gel pen and my Apple Pencil, because on the iPad I can write with any colour, even the colour of my highlighter can be selected. Thanks to shape recognition I do not have to use a ruler and the compass. Forgot to write down a note in the middle of your text? No problem, the text can be easily moved and arranged in any order.
An infinite variety of stickers
Images or stickers from the Internet can be inserted in seconds using drag and drop or the import function, so you don’t have to buy stickers or washi tape and you can insert your own photos.
Searchable notes
The most important feature for me: Everything is searchable. Whether it’s the name of a formula in my scripts, the idea I had for a blog article, a shop where I bought something, or a little side note, once I write something more or less readable in my notebook, I can just search for it. When exporting as PDF, this searchable text remains.

Why do I use GoodNotes and not another app with the digital calendar?

For me, font recognition is essential for my notebooks. That’s why many apps wouldn’t work for me. Noteshelf 2, for example, looks very promising, but as far as I know, it doesn’t yet have hand writing recognition and the possibility to open notebooks in several tabs. I have previously been using NotesPlus until it crashed on my old tablet every now and then and I don’t find the handling and the search function as intuitive as with GoodNotes. With GoodNotes5 a lot of great features have been added, only two are still missing: Copying to the exact same place, which would make the work on the planners a lot easier and a possibility to decide which files are stored in the iCloud and which are not. For this reason I use GoodNotes5 with iCloud in the Uni, for the work for data protection reasons Notability without cloud.

66 thoughts on “Digital Calendar 2020 [Free download]”

  • Hello, I love your planners! Thank you for the first time, that you have created one again for next year! Unfortunately, instead of Friday,, twice Wednesday on each side at the week view in the box design. Otherwise, as every year a great planner!

  • May I know how do you make a digital planner? With which Apps, Keynote or what?
    However, thank you so much sharing your digital planner with everyone. That’s really awesome to have it.

  • Hi Julia, your calendars are great. I really like the discreet design. May I ask you with which program or app you designed the templates. Many greetings and a good start to the year 2020 Jana

    • Hello Jana,
      many thanks, I am pleased, that you like templates! :) I created the fiancée PDF templates with Keynote and for the changeable GoodNotes templates then still days of the week and co. inserted in GoodNotes itself, so that they can be moved.
      I hope this will help you! :)
      Give you a good ride!

  • I like your planners. Thank you for making them. Just one thing, the week view in the lined, Wednesday is on there twice instead of Friday.

  • Hey Julia,
    Thank you very much for this great planner. Unfortunately, however, the links do not work.

    Liebe Grüße

  • Congrats for your work! Really professional stuff!! I love it!

    Well, my question is: May I got a pdf version without the cover (two marble cover).
    I guess the file size will be shorter without that cover. Just for saving data transfer updating the cloud used.

    Is it possible in yur opinion?

    The file I used is: Digital_Planner_2020_M-Lines_W-Lines.pdf

    Thank you so much in advance, have a nice day.


    • Dear Pasquale,
      which app do you use? In GoodNotes, and most of the other Note-Apps I know, you can just delete the cover page so only the rest will be synced.
      Hope this helps!
      Have a nice day

  • Hi! I just downloaded your template in GoodNotes and I’m trying to add some more pages, but I want the formats to match. Can I ask what font you used? If there is a way to see it in the app I’m sorry, I just started using GoodNotes and I’m still learning.

  • Hi Julia,

    Thank you very much for this free Planner, it is what I have been looking for for a long time and have only found as paid versions. Simple and simple, with super-functioning hyperlinks, the well-suited to my purposes. For me personally, a few more lines per day would be more advantageous, but I just write twice in a ;)

    VG Lucie

    • Dear Lucie,
      with pleasure, freut mich sehr, you like it! :)
      If you use it in GoodNotes and the lined version, you can also copy the week page and paste it back in immediately afterwards. Then you can postpone the individual days of the week or. Delete, so you have twice as much space for every day :)
      Many greetings

  • Hi Julia,

    Thanks for these awesome digital planners, love your work, would love to see a dark mode version as I do most of my journaling and planning at night and white text on black background reflects less light making it easier to read and more comfortable on the eyes. Keep up the great work, looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    – Huss.

  • Hi Julia,

    I would also like to create a planner, however, if I want to export the presentation from Keynote to a PDF, my program crashes. Do you have a tip for me?
    Or. which program do you use?

    love greetings

    • Hello Joe,
      unfortunately I can't help you in this, the file may be too large? Have you ever tried a smaller planner??
      I also used Keynote for the planner's basic structure and then inserted the days into GoodNotes, so that you can move them :)
      Liebe Grüße

  • Hello!
    Super Planner! I've only found him now but I've already found him! I will definitely use it for the rest of the year.
    I wanted to ask if it was 2021 already gives one? I think it's great!
    Thank you :)

  • Hi Julia!

    I have fallen in love with your journal! I am a little late this year but I’m so happy that it is this beautiful and totally free <3
    I really admire your work and hope that we have next year another one this beautiful

  • Hi Julia,
    a few days ago I discovered your planner and would very much like to use it. Templates z.b. etsy are too colorful and too overloaded for me. Unfortunately, people seem to have run over you and therefore the download is currently not possible. Is there anything new on the subject? Can we hope for a solution?

    Liebe Grüße

    -=[ ois isy ]=-

  • Thank you for the great planner.
    I've been using your calendars for two years now :)
    I am very much looking forward to the 2021 Version :)
    Way to go

  • Hello, wanted to say thank you here.
    I've been using the planners for two years now with goodnotes 5 and am very satisfied.

    Looking forward to the planner 2021, if there is one.
    Especially the monthly overview before each month is especially important for me. :)

    Continue like this. Thank you, Thank you.

    • Hello Steffi,
      thank you for your nice feedback, I am happy that you like them and used them for such a long time!
      The new planner will be online soon on Etsy, I can write you a mail on the release day if you want :).

  • Hi Julie I wanted to say tank you for the great planner which has been really useful this year.
    So I wanted to know if you had news about the link for a new 2021 planner

  • Hi Julie, I also found your 2020 planner template around the start of school this year and was really excited to use it, but came short to the dropbox problem. It was very unfortunate since the examples for 2020 and 2019 looked amazing! Now, I’m just here waiting for the 2021 planner if you decide to make another one (fingers crossed)! In fear of missing out, I frequently check this website to download the 2021 planner before it reaches its maximum capacity again haha. For the platform or app, I am looking for the Notability version! Saw that you were asking some of the people here so I thought of mentioning it as well. Please let me know if you are doing a 2021 version and I’m looking forward to it, thank you!

    • Hi Darren!
      Thank you for your nice feedback! I can send you the 2020 planner via mail if you want, the 2021 planner will be released soon on Etsy, I hope you will like it. Also I can let you know at the release day, so you don’t have to refresh the page that often :).
      Maybe I will make also a Notability version, it depends a bit on how fast I will finish the other ones, because it is a lot of work to do the customizable planners that are done for a specific app like GoodNotes or Notability. You can of course use the PDF-planner for Notability. :)

  • Hi Julia !

    In my search for ideas and templates for a digital bullet journal I came across your site. We travel a lot and I do a lot of digital and your template would be very helpful for me. Could you provide me with your template? ? I'll be happy to give you space in my clout storage and a few cups of coffee :-) of course there are also !
    Greetings Andrea

    • Hallo Andrea,
      ich kann dir gerne die Vorlage von 2020 per Mail senden, den Planer für 2021 werde ich bald auf Etsy veröffentlichen, nevertheless thank you for your lovely offers!
      Liebe Grüße

  • Hi Julia,
    I, too, wanted to inquire about how to use a calendar for 2021 Looks.. because I couldn't find a new calendar on your page, I've already bought two others from etsy but I don't like both of them ! The 2020 Planner of you was perfect for me !!! Is there a new one for 2021? Maybe you can upload to etsy, then the possible. Also better with the. Download.. Greetings Elif

    • Dear Elif,
      the PDF templates are already ready, now I'm still working on the customizable GoodNotes templates, then I will publish both between Christmas and the New Year on Etsy. Sorry, that it will take so long this year! Thank you for your love feedback! May I ask, which planners you bought and why you weren't satisfied, which are now. what else you would have liked from the planners?
      Liebe Grüße

  • Hi julia!

    I’m being using your planner all the year. It was perfect for my and i’m waiting impatient for the 2021. Can u let me know when it will released?

  • Hey Julia,
    thank you for the great calender that I liked tu use in 2020.
    Now I‘m waiting very excited for the version 2021.
    I haven‘t seen anything of you on Etsy.
    Greetings Elke

  • Hi,
    May I ask how you are creating all the Hyperlinks? Do you have a hint for this? Especially the daily pages and their links.

    • Hey Ali, I created them with Keynote, unfortunately it is a lot of work to do every link manually but you can create them on master-pages (the hyperlinks on the side) and copy the monthly overview on every page for each month as it is the same. :) I hope this helps!

      • Thank you! Thanks for the hint. So you create all pages in advance, then link them on your master page and copy this to all pages afterwards. I assume you’re using keynote on a mac, not on the iPad, don’t you?

        • Yes, almost, I create a master page for each template (month, week, page style), make the monthly pages and link them in the master-page. Then I copy the content to each of the master-pages. Afterwards I create all of the weekly pages and blank pages and create & copy the links for each week inside. It is a bit hard to explain with written words and way easier to show it, maybe I will make a tutorial. Until then, you can search for “keynote digital planner tutorial hyperlinks” on YouTube, there are plenty of tutorials, I guess they create the planners in a similar way. And yes, you’re right, I use keynote on Mac, although I also have used it on iPad before, it depends on which you like better but it works on both devices. Have a great week! :)

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