The nature of scents (1) – Fragrances by Weleda

Hello my friend!

Great news! I absolutely love the cream shower gels by Weleda, as you might know. Not only because of its creamy texture but of its awesome scents. When I heard, that three of these product lines (Wild Rose, Sea Buckthorn and Pomegranate) now also contain a perfume! So I started searching for a store where I could smell these new fragrances.

First impression

Fotunately I found them in our pharmacy, beautifully arranged:

Weleda perfumes

The orange sea buckthorn line always had my favorite scent, so I tried it first. As I expected it smelled just like the cream shower. I applied it on my left wrist and „grenade“ on my right one. Both, „grenade“ and „rose“ smelled a bit too herbal for me, so I bought the orange flacon.

In the evening something strange happened: My right wrist with „grenade“ on smelled beautifully, all the herbal scents were gone and there was just a beautiful sweet and warm scent left. I decided to put this scent on my wishlist and to visit the pharmacy again to find out what „rose“ smells like after some time. Luckily weleda sent me all three as pr-samples, so I was able to test them for this review. :)

Jardin de Vie


The collection of perfumes are called „Jardin de vie“ what means „garden of life“ in french. It contains three different scents: "Citrus" (sea buckthorn inspired), „rose“ (wild rose inspired) and „grenade“ (pomegranate inspired). They cost about 19,95€ and contain 50ml. The ingredients are alcohol and perfume from essential oils.



The packaging reminds me a bit of the boss-orange scents because of the height and the color gradient. I like the weleda design a bit more, because it is minimalistic though pretty. Also they look incredible in the sun:


The only thing I don’t like that much is, that their color looks very similar in low light condition, so it is hard to find the right one fast. Even though the flacons have different colors, the orange liquid makes them all look nearly the same. But that’s only a problem if you have many of them and the name is written on every perfume.

The Fragrances


Happy, fruity and motivations, these are the words coming into my mind while smelling “citrus”. The main components are warm tangerine, fresh grapefruit and sandalwood. This is my favorite scent of all three and is perfect for starting into a great day but also to relax in the evening, as the perfume gets more sweet and less fresh from hour to hour.


Ingredients 'agrume'
Alcohol , Water (Aqua) , Fragrance (Perfume)* , Limonene * , Linalool * , Citronellol *, Benzyl Alcohol*, Benzyl Benzoate*, Benzyl Salicylate*, Geraniol *, Citral *, Eugenol *, Farnesol* *from natural essential oils


This scents makes me think of my childhood, because I once got rose-scented letter paper for my birthday and I wasn’t able to stop smelling it. Its main components are noble rose, slightly fresher wild rose and exotic ylang ylang. It smells a bit herbal but after some time on my skin just a warm and flowery hint of scent is left. Just like walking through a rose garden. A great scent for days where you need some harmony.


Ingredients 'rose'
Alcohol, Water (Aqua) , Fragrance (Perfume)*, Geraniol*, Limonene*, Linalool*, Citronellol*, Benzyl Alcohol*, Benzyl Benzoate*, Benzyl Salicylate*, Citral*, Eugenol*, Farnesol*


  Sweet scents like vanilla just suit to me, maybe because they fit to the scent of my skin. “Grenade” is exactly like this: Sweet and fruity. The main components are vanilla, orange and davane. Like in “rose” there are also some herbal scents in here but they disappear after some time.


Ingredients 'grenade'
Alcohol, Water (Aqua) , Limonene *, Fragrance (Perfume)*, Linalool*, Citronellol*, Benzyl Alcohol*, Benzyl Benzoate*, Benzyl Salicylate*, Geraniol*, Citral*, Eugenol*, Coumarin*, Farnesol*


On the skin the scent changes a lot during the day and stays nearly until the evening (a slight scent is still noticeable on my wrists). Sprayed on clothes it stays much longer but does not change, it smells just like you applied it at this moment.


The scents exceeded my high expectations because the herbal scent at the beginning of “grenade” and “rose” disappears after some time. The price of 19,95€ for 50ml is also pretty good. So it gets 10 out of 10 stars! :)


Have you tried one of the new weleda scents yet?

Do you prefer conventional or natural scents? :) 

Lots of love,


PRSample *.

47 thoughts on “The nature of scents (1) – Fragrances by Weleda”

  • So far I use mainly to conventional perfumes. Only Marmozel and Pacifica could convince me in NK area. I love sweet, sticky and heavy fragrances. Grenade seems there to be perfect :-)
    The bottles I find beautifully!!!
    Liebe Grüße

    • Oh ja, the Marmozel and Pacifica fragrances I like especially and which are also found in the article series yet! Although I have unfortunately Pacifica still no feedback, as of course are the perfumes. The bottles are truly an eye-catcher! :D I'm curious, what are you after sniffing of “grenade” think about it! :)

      Liebe Grüße!

  • Love Julia,
    do you really want to give up your favorite fragrance?? ;-) But I can well understand, that “citrus” it has managed to your favorites. Because even though I do not yet know all the Fragrances, is but the Sea Buckthorn Body series of Welda my favorite. The hand cream just makes me always when I use it in a good mood and is also the only permanently strong scent of a purchased product, of I have never become boring or too much. Since I have not yet managed to convert my perfume on a natural cosmetics product, I hope by your Post, that there is now possibly. finally a solution. So thank you for your review.
    Liebe Grüße

    • Love Lena,

      if you like the sea buckthorn series, then you will “citrus” certainly also like! The hand cream I use again and again simply because of the fragrance :D. I wish you luck! :)

      Liebe Grüße!

  • I would like to “grenade”try. If only because I find the shower gel total toll. I could also “Rose” imagine. On “citrus” I am very excited because I myself have tried anything yet from the sea buckthorn series. I could well imagine that but Weleda has also conjured up a great product here. Therefore, I would be very excited about the win if it should work because ;)

  • I was also super gespnnt on the scents and have ever searched everywhere after, until I finally found it at denns. I had thought, that I would like only agrume, I actually just very fresh fragrances like. And I really find the smell very,so great!
    About Raschd I was but of grenade – the smell is divine and I could smell it constantly, only I find, that sweeter smells not so good to me fit like something fresher as agrume about, which is why I've been slammed in any of fragrances ;)
    And of course I have ever commented with you :)

    • So it was me, my favorite is but agrume grenade pulled me completely under its spell! :) Have you applied the scent times? :) Sometimes you realize after some time, how it responds to your own skin :). Kind regards and good luck. :)

  • I have the scents not been able to test, but when the “citrus” is so close to the Sea Buckthorn Body Series & I would win it, would share with my ego Omama (We'll get gewuppt somehow). We both like the scent of the series total liked & my grandmother swears addition to the Pomegranate Hand Cream. She has frequently tried several other & but is always excited back to Weleda. ;-) The Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion has brought me my Ma as a teenager, When I first got into trouble with extensive eczema. Tranquilizing fragrance, great consistency, very productive and helped hats well. :-)

    I am using for several years enthusiastically only natural scents, got quite a few tried and been found four absolute favorites: “Frond” from the Burren Perfumery, “Musk Hibiscus” von East, the perfume oil “Rose Yasmin” Sunshine Spa and aromatherapy balsam “Love” Ha Tha. :-) Oh, and any of the roll-ons of Yakhsi Fragrances, whose name I'll be grad net …

    Pacifica I grad a Solid Perfume on the way, I am already a couple of fragrances greedily prowling at iHerb. And now very excited, Wanns finally arrives & as well sniffs. :-)

  • My husband, I also hooked with natural scents, where he formerly Fan medium priced to expensive conventional fragrances such as. Fleur du Male was by Gaultier. ;-) He, too, like the scents of the Burren Perfumery (“Man of Aran”, “Winter Woods”), Sunshine Spa (“Woodspice”) and Yakshi (“Nefertiti”) and has already “White musk” by Acca Kappa and “No. 3” Aqua Ti Tao “gejunkt”. ;-) His only conventional perfume is “Hommage a man” – a very brilliant multifaceted “wuchtiger” Fragrance Lalique. :-)

    • Thank you, Thank you, Thanks for all the great scent advice, I'm off on Browse :). I find the selection of NK fragrances that I know much too small and love in this direction new to discover, So many thanks! :) My friend used now almost exclusively natural cosmetics, but when he changes perfume yet between conventionally, close to nature (Korres) and a natural aroma of Sante :). Good Luck! :D

  • I had a trial sniffed the scents on the BioNord and they had me did not like at all. I found them very alcoholic and spicy on the nose. Now I am confused, because other feedback so affirmative. Maybe that were already badly? Or my nose was sensitive? But I must also say, I generally do not like alcohol and alcohol always immediately smell out in Essen.

    • So as natural perfumes indeed mostly consist of alcohol and essential oils, Smell for me personally at the beginning of all strongly of alcohol, just when they are testing on small cardboard strips, on the skin evaporates, the but for me at the latest after one minute completely and there remains only the delicious scent of essential oils. :) Maybe you test it a try on your skin? :) Many greetings and good luck! :)

  • I could not decide between the three scents haha.
    Until now I have change even no nk perfume and Willich course much ^^

  • Hui, so far I'm not at all deal with the showers of Weleda. I smell them too fast too strenuous.
    Both pomegranate and sea buckthorn smelled to me quickly after Coca Cola. Mandel was on my skin to Amaretto.
    This is actually quite a shame, but it does not always provide.

    When I see the scents sometime soon, I'll sniff definitely even think about it. But my expectations are unfortunately quite low.

    Get a nice Sunday and greenest greetings

  • The new fragrances Weleda unfortunately I know not. In Perfume, which are now. other scents, dont care whether the natural cosmetics are, because the smell is more important to me.


  • Awesome! I quite flirtatious with the scents already since I've heard from you the first time! =) The Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion has long been one of my favorites, Therefore, I would like to use the right perfume to! I like citrus scents and fragrance this fall exactly in my Beuteschema! = D As long as I know my blog, I have of course even earlier commented talk ;) Thanks for the raffle!

  • Hey!
    Do me now the Rose bought, because I totally love Rosenduft. Is my first NK perfume. But somehow you have made me totally hot on the argume. Especially since I could be fooled in the sea buckthorn -Handcreme. Would I look totally, if I was going to win it!
    Liebe Grüße

  • I have not yet sniffed, but will keep their eyes open! namely am now really curious. NK fragrances I have not yet tried

  • I would like to sniff the scents, I have to look absolutely times, where it gives here! So far I use KK perfumes, because my NK Fragrances, I have tested times, not good genuch skate or the scent vanished immediately. So I have high hopes for Weleda! My current favorite scent is Vitória Regia Nuit L'Occitane. Agrume I would like to win, because I could use a good mood just at the time well.
    Commented I have here even before that, and I have shared the contest on Twitter and follow you there.
    Many greetings, the Alex

  • In my case allowed “grenade” With, although me “citrus” also liked. But now in the cold season, I like the smell of pomegranate products – and hence the the perfume – simply prefer, because it is so cozy and warm. For the same reason I like to use otherwise known again vanilla from the Apothecary series of Florascent. :)

  • I sneak indeed quite some time about the three scents around – where it has me particularly fond rose. Thanks for the great and detailed review!

  • I have scents of Caudalie and Roger & Used Gallet, but mostly I buy conventional fragrances. However, the Weleda brand and of this the Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion and -Handcreme I like very – totally delicious if only for the for me, fresh and fruity fragrance. That is why I would also like to win the agrume. For sale I have seen the new Weleda fragrances is not the way, otherwise I would have already testweise sprayed onto the skin to me.

  • My favorite scent is the essence currently candyshop EdT. It smells delicious caramel. The Weleda Agrume Parfum I want to win, I so far no natural perfume have tried yet, but it would like to test times. The natural perfumes by Florascent are unfortunately me as a student too expensive.
    I have shared publicly your post here: and follow you on Facebook as Nancy Tautenhahn.
    Liebe Grüße
    Nancy ;)

  • Oh Oh, Now I must confess to my shame, that although I otherwise (of color to shampoo or creams) ALL've changed in my bathroom to NK except-yes EXCEPT Parfums
    …*shame on *.
    I knew up to your article, not even the Weleda also sells fragrances. But now I'm hooked course:-)
    I also like sweet and'm very excited if I respect your experience. the durability can be signed. Have there so far rather bad experience with at least the cheaper drugstore brands (e.g.. Heat of B.) made and very expensive from the perfumeries are usually too expensive to me….would be a great alternative:-P

    Greetings to all and I wish you in advance now a nice start to the Christmas season:-)

  • I don`t no perfume, because I can find no easy, that is not tested on animals and I like. The Weleda fragrances sky I have to, since I have seen her for the first time in Rossmann (Unfortunately there are no testers, why I wanted to not blindly buy ..), Therefore I would win me are thrilled him.
    I follow you with Instagram:)

    love, Lara

  • I use conventional fragrances and also NK Fragrances, if these scents to me fits or. I like….here I have at least. 7 different scents….I would surprise my best deaf girlfriend with this win and they would be happy about it very…I'm also excited ;-)

  • A perfume of Weleda I do not know yet. Unfortunately, I can not imagine me really, because the shower gels and body lotions smell not really good for me. But I would very much like to convince you otherwise!

  • I am currently in the middle of switching to natural cosmetics. After I explained to me during my pregnancy increased with ingredients and have casually noticed, that many of my cosmetic products are not tested on animals, I just had to change what. Especially in the perfume area I still feel pretty clueless and insecure. Since I have been convinced that most products from Weleda, I would be very happy, to test the perfume.
    Liebe Grüße

    (I follow you with Instagram and Facebook and have shared the Sweepstakes on Facebook)

  • I love only natural fragrances and turning much of Weleda to. Z.B.: Sea Buckthorn Shower, Buckthorn lotion, Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream etc….. Therefore, I'm interested in the new fragrance by Wileda. I love citrus scents combined with sandalwood. I would be delighted, if I could try the new fragrance times. Best wishes and keep it up…. Mechthild Schneider

  • Hey!
    My current favorite scent is Evidence of Yves Rocher, However, the changes every few years time.. ;)
    I'd love to win the Weleda fragrance great for my mom for Christmas, on the one hand, because she likes Weleda, but mainly for the reason, that citrus fragrances are totally her thing. Currently there is a fresh citrus eau de toilette by Biotherm, which it has done to her, but “citrus” sounds suspiciously like a new favorite fragrance! ;)

    Many greetings,

  • For years, I am thrilled by Weleda and would really like to lighten my dark winter months by the serene scent of Agrume :)

  • Really a nice blog :)
    I would be really about winning the perfumes, because my mother wants a long time, But I find it in any pharmacy or the like with us…
    Fine Nikolaus yet and greetings

  • Hey :)
    I love deinee product descriptions and also have a lot of other good part agrume, I would be so very pleased about winning. Grade for Christmas would be a surprise schönge…

  • I would be very happy about the smell, because citrus scents act indeed brightening your mood and you can make good use of in the dark winter months :)

    so far I still know no NK fragrances out of alverde and who have not übezeugt me. to agrume of Weleda I recently sniffed the health food store and found him great !
    LG and beautiful 2. Advent,

  • Huhu :)
    So far I have only conventional perfumes, up on a homemade from essential oils. :D a favorite scent I did not but, always depends on my mood. :)
    Since I use almost daily Parfum lately, I would not mind a little replenishment. *grins*
    Moreover in natural cosmetic quality I found absolutely great, namely've never seen something halfway Cheap.

    Liebe Grüße,

  • Hi Julia,
    I'm still ringing with, have only just seen your post :)
    Personally, I have no one yet “green” Perfume, which is why the profit of course the perfect and much needed entry would! Because I so far only for special occasions using my conventional perfume ingredients and due to the spray only on clothing, I wanted this then make first empty and my search for a nice scent NK. Thanks to your description tells me the scent agrume directly to, as well as my current Parfum very fresh and fruity smell and I just suits the to my type :)

    Have a good evening!

  • I'm thrilled by the new series. I'm already wearing rose! So long I figured, that one would be ideal scent as Parfum. I hope, There will be long this fragrance line! I would also like to try Sanddor – I found very good the maintenance oil. Maybe I got lucky … THANKS for the review!
    Liebe Grüße

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