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Today I'm writing about a limited edition of

Alverde Men – Fresh Nature.

I chose the title, because it is of all the products that you simply get here my opinion after the least smelling herbs product and also still quite cheap. It does its job and you do not look for many stores after or even order online! Therefore, it is simply the easiest product!


The Alverde Men – Fresh Nature 3 in 1 Product is available in DM 1,75 € and it is a limited edition, will therefore unfortunately took sometime out of the range.
It was developed for the simultaneous cleaning of face, Hair and body.
Alverde promises mild and natural washing substances, and ingredients on wheat- and sugar-based donate moisture. In addition, mint and Kalmuswurzelextrakt to freshen and invigorating by fresh scent.
It is NaTrue certified and vegan.
Unfortunately, the packaging is a little hard aufzubekommen in the shower.

It smells mainly by Mint, However, a little bitter and has just a hint of herbs smell. Somehow it smells a bit like Cola (So without the sweet smell), presumably because it also contained something Kalmus. It's best to schnupperst even once in the store it!

Consistency / Color

I had the consistency minimal liquid before than conventional shampoos. It has no color but is ready and transparent.

Application / Foaming

In order to get completely clean you need a bit of product, he said, "so two hazelnuts", because a walnut would but then again too much!
One should advance with a little water in the Lather hands, What is also on the packaging.


The Effect is very good, it makes from head to toe and clean clarifies the scalp. Against dandruff it does not work, unfortunately, and so super-soft hair as conventional shampoos you do not get now also absolutely.
However, the hair will not dry out the washing, but are well moisturized.



Water :)
Lauryl Glucoside
This is the name given to a sugar surfactant, which is produced from vegetable fats and sugars. They are regarded as little irritating and are readily degradable, However, some people react to sugar surfactants with mild itching. It has a high viscosity and only one a subtle scent. It is considered hardly irritating.

Sodium Coco-Sulfate
This is also a sugar surfactant and is considered to be slightly irritating. It is obtained by suppuration of fatty acids with sulfuric acid. All occurring in coconut oil fatty acids were esterified here, Unlike lauryl sulfate. It has a creamy consistency and is more compatible than lauryl sulfate.

Betaine is a sugar surfactant (from the molasses of sugar beet), consisting of the fatty acids of coconut- which are now. Palm kernel oil is. It does not irritate the mucous membranes and can be used universally. Also, this surfactant is biodegradable. It increases the foaming capacity and antibacterial effect and raises irritation of other surfactants easily in a product on. In addition, it receives the moisture of the skin and hair, it improves the grip of the hair.

Maris Sal
Here hiding easily the salt from the Dead Sea. It has many features, which are highly valued in cosmetics: It stimulates the metabolism and improves the blood circulation properties of the skin, tightens the skin, contains many different minerals and is even used against neurodermatitis. Putting it in a shampoo, it soothes the scalp and acts against dandruff. Also has a slight disinfecting salt, Bactericidal effect.

Mentha Piperita Leaf Extract*
This is the name given to the extract from the leaves of the peppermint. He has an antibacterial effect, anti-inflammatory and to help against headaches and joint pain. It is often used in products for acne or bad breath. Sometimes however, it is used simply because of the great perfume!
Acorus Calamus Root Extract*
This is the name given to the Kalmus extract. The root extract has a purifying effect and has been frequently used for this purpose in the story. It is designed to help the regeneration of the skin.
Sodium Lactate
This is sodium lactate, the sodium salt of lactic acid. It is produced by the skin to retain moisture and is slightly acidic. Therefore, it is also considered in a moisturizing product and has a slightly against bacteria.
Sodium PCA
This is the name given to the salt of pyrrolidone carboxylic acid, mostly derived from sugar cane. It is often used in natural cosmetics to bind moisture. It improves the combability of the hair and does not create "stickiness" of the product.
Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate

This ingredient is a surfactant (Statement s. Coco Glucoside) which can demonstrate good foams and a very good biodegradability. In addition, with this material a buffering effect of pH are generated, so that the skin's worth 5,5 equivalent. Another advantage: Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate is made from renewable resources. The "Glutamate" at the end is not the same as the flavor enhancer! It is considered hardly irritating.

Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate

During my research I could not be different Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate find.

Alcohol is often used as an alternative to normal preservatives. He has a firming effect, but should not be too much used, since it acts otherwise drying out the skin. In the case of mascara, the effect of contact with the skin is very low.

Hydrolyzed Corn Protein
This substance is produced by the hydrolysis of corn. It is often used in hair products, because it compensates for static charges on the hair. It also cares for hair and makes it easier to comb. Even in products for the skin, it is used as a nourishing agent.
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
This is the substance, resulting from the hydrolysis of wheat. It gives hair volume and makes it less brittle. It also helps the hair to maintain its natural moisture.
Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
This is splitted soy protein, that protects the skin and moisturizes. Like many proteins, it also helps the hair, easier to comb, to be less brittle and more voluminous.
Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate
This is the fermented substance from radish roots and has an antibacterial effect. It is therefore often used as a natural preservative.
This is a combination of sugars from wheat and wood. It is used as a moisturizer and nourishes the skin.
This is a natural sugar, the free water molecules can form, helping the skin retain its moisture. It also improves the skin's own production of hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin to retain moisture.
The so-called birch sugar helps fight tooth decay and tartar and is therefore often used in toothpaste. He is also an extremely mild cleansing substance, which does not cause itching and the natural sheen of the hair, as well as its structure hardly damaged during washing.
Perfume **
This term different flavor and fragrances are combined. However, there is a list of substances to trigger the allergic reactions often. This must also be specified in the INCI list. In natural cosmetics here mostly only essential oils are used. One should therefore on instructions on the packaging, Eighth info in the shop or the manufacturer's website.

It momene **
This is a natural preservative and a fragrance, and is often included as a constituent of essential oils, as in this case. Limonene need due to allergy risk nevertheless be declared separately.

Citral **
This is a perfume, is the skin component of the essential oils of lemon balm and lemongrass. Citral must be declared separately due to allergy risk.

Linalool **
A perfume, der z.B. in Lavendel, Rosewood and coriander occurs. Linalool may also be included as a component of essential oils, but still must be declared.

* Inhaltsstoffe aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau
** Ingredients of essential oils
Conclusion ingredients:

Many of the ingredients are natural extracts and the use of Meersalz I find very good, since it is an often unrecognized miracle cure! Here are a lot of little mixed surfactants, both slightly irritating and very mild, such as the Birkenzucker, which unfortunately include relatively little. Nevertheless, I think it's good, that it was used at all. Presumably the product contains as many surfactants, as it is a 3 in 1 Product is and to clean clean face as well as body and hair.
Who therefore problems so gets e.g.. Itchy Scalp, perhaps should use individual products such as the shampoo Heilerde of Alverde, although not quite as fresh smell, nevertheless is unisex and a slightly minty and definitely pleasant fresh odor.
The many hydrated materials are very good for hair and they maintain in a natural way. I think the ingredients really well!

General Conclusion:

– scent
– Price
– easy herzubekommen
– 3 in 1
– Fragrance is a very little herbaceous (for a better scent s. speedy review about Alva)
– sluggish closure
Alverde has be Respected product promise: The surfactants are in spite of the 3 in 1 Selected detergency quite mild, which is possible through a choice of different washing agents, wie z.B. the very mild Birkenzucker. In addition, ingredients from wheat maintain their hair and provide them with moisture.
And the smell is finally bearable and pleasant even when mint-Cola is a very funny combination! :D
And the best: One will even clean!
Therefore it gets from us:
8 from 10 Points.
Have you ever tried a natural shampoo or shower gel? Or ever sniffed at Men products?

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