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Maintain the face with oil? For me this was almost always unfamiliar. Clear trend of facial oils had arrived with me, but really fascinated, me never, perhaps simply because I mainly associate "oil" with olive oil for cooking or just a part of cosmetics.
After my conversion to natural cosmetics I bought an Eye Make-Up Remover of Alverde, but unfortunately could not convince me.
In leaflet (means in cosmetics so? J) from the almond cleansing milk by Weleda almond facial oil was presented but, in order to gently and thoroughly remove eye make-up. Bought and tried So off to the store and the same times!
After the make-up removal so wonderfully worked so, I decided the second application possibility, namely, to use it as face oil.
And my experience to share with you, I present you today my goal in the face before the world oil and thus end my posts to Weleda Almond Series.
The cream and the cleansing milk, I have already presented to you. :D (The second, lighter cream and mask, unfortunately I do not have).

Weleda – Mandel Wohltuendes Gesichtsöl


The "Almond – Soothing Facial Oil "is described by Weleda as soothing intensive care. One can use one hand to eye make-up removal, To this solution are best a few drops on a damp cotton pad. As a facial oil for care is instilled a bit of product on your hands and then massaging it in the (important!) still moist skin. It aims to strengthen the protective function of the skin and counteract by an extract from organic Schlehenblüten skin irritations. Then to a smooth and velvety feeling preserved. Even with the cold face oil to protect. For nearly 13 Are Euro 50 ml to have, so it's not cheap. It is certified by NaTrue logo.


Like the rest of the series smells the oil easily, but almost imperceptibly, almonds and marzipan (because the contained Plum oil). However, the smell is almost imperceptible, particularly on the skin and in contact with water.


The oil is not too thick and clear up minimal yellowish. After application, it is invisible (up to the gloss).


I know a few products that are more productive than oils. Even the almond oil keeps incredibly long. I use it now for two months, almost daily abzuschminken around the eyes, not even used up and at least four times a week as a facial oil and I have a tenth of. In the winter I will use maybe more, but you really need only a few drops.

For eye make-up removal:

When, as mentioned above a few (three in my case) Are drops on a wet cotton pad, let his eyes abschminken wonderfully well. Although I only use natural cosmetics (So accordingly not waterproof), but I believe, that even conventional cosmetics can abschminken good. Mostly I use two cotton pads with oil, one to remove the gross-up removal and then a fresh to the fine makeup residues. Sometimes the oil is me unfortunately too rich and I wash it off or something. go again very briefly with a gentle eye make-up remover over, so that is a little less oil on this point.
With this routine I get along great and except for the few times where I use make-up removal wipes, I use this method every day.
After applying the oil, I looked around a little on the internet for the best make-up removal methods with oil and am now also encountered a variant with castor oil. Soon I will tell you more about it, currently I use it only for removing make, soon probably also for the eyelashes, since it is supposed to be incredibly good for the hair roots. :D I'll keep you up to date!

To take care of the face:

As facial care a few drops of the oil on the still wet, applied but cleansed skin. For me, it works incredibly well on wet skin, it can be spread nicely and also attracts a reasonable. (Ready, It is an oil and no cream, so it will take a bit longer, but for an oil works the super good with feeding!)
What you must be clear: The skin shines after! If one uses only very, very little, then you can perhaps use daytime, I use it deliberately but only in the evening. It can then move well overnight, care and skin you have to have no fear, that remnants of it remain on the pillow. (I had pretty much afraid of unsightly stains but has fortunately not confirmed J)
The skin feels the next morning beautifully maintained and no longer needed after my experiences as much moisture and creams as usual. In the winter I will probably be even happier about it than now in summer!

Against skin irritations

Unfortunately I have always some problems with preservatives in beverages, I am, for example, strangely allergic to Fanta. Two weeks ago, I once again drank some soft drink and behold, my face was big and fat and I got a huge rash on the face and neck, which is still not completely gone, unfortunately, L.
However, I could thus also the property of the oil allegedly acting against skin irritations also test.
Often I massaged the evening a lot of oil on the skin and especially on decisive. Lo and behold, the next morning was the already less red and less swollen. So I can say, that the almond oil on many days where it was particularly bad was my knight in shining armor. Although it helps only slightly against the itching, but the next morning the skin is much calmer. To be honest, I would not have thought, that the oil works so well.


Click on me for a detailed ingredient analysis!

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil

Better known as Almond oil. It is pressed the seeds of sweet almond. It is non-comedogenic and penetrates deep into the skin where it is very mild and well tolerated. It is optimal to bring the skin back into balance with irritation and conjures up a fresh complexion. It's full of vitamins and has played a very important role in the cosmetics in the old days, but was supplanted by exotic oils a little. If the persons seed oil is known as subsequent ingredient, so it may be, that the rather low quality almond oil was used with "cosmetic grade", therefore, only a mixture of the two oils.
Prunus Domestica Seed Oil
Better known as Plum oil, it is pressed from the seeds of plum. It has lots of antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids and smells slightly marzipan. It also has anti-inflammatory, is very mild and very good for sensitive and dehydrated skin vitamin useful.
Prunus Spinosa Flower Extract
This is a Extract of blackthorn. It contains many vitamins, Antioxidants, Tannins and vegetable acids and affects a mitigating irritation and nourishes the skin pleasantly
Conclusion ingredients:
The INCI list is just incredible clear, As with most high quality body- or facial oils. I find the combination of almond oil and Schlehenblütenextrakt extremely successful, since both yes effective against skin irritations and also the plum oil is very mild and anti-inflammatory. This I can also explain the good care for my rash.

General Conclusion:

Even though I do not much had before with oils on hat, I am absolutely convinced of this product. By shining arises I would in the morning rather less recommend the application. Who sensitive and sometimes irritated skin is happy with this face oil in my opinion :D
Therefore, it gets to me
10 from 10 Points
By the middle of next week I will need a little longer with new posts, because now is not the last big test of the semester, and finally are indeed soon elections to which one should go so absolutely well informed, which also takes time! And I have you really still imagine many great things, as Alverde Family Shampoo (Unfortunately, a Limited Edition), Lippenpflegestifte, my new color cosmetics and so on, Well that then everything comes soon J
What else interests me to this post: Are you fans of facial oils? What do you use and how often? :D

7 thoughts on “The all-rounder oil”

  • UI, the face oil of Weleda reads very well! For removing make-up, it could very well please me, both the eyes and the face. (Where it is probably too expensive for the latter.)

    I've tried myself sometimes oil for face care. However, it is not for my skin in the long term. It works with me partially drying out and provides enough moisture. I'm going with my combination skin (rather dry with impurities) clearly better with a cream.

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Thanks for the feedback! Interesting, It has exactly the opposite effect with me and gives me the next day more moisture. :D but I have Yes even very dry skin!
      Liebe Grüße
      Julia :D

  • I also love oils, they are so economical in use, also, I like, they are so versatile. The ingredients in the face oil of Weleda hear really well for me, with the oil, you can do much wrong.

  • I have my range of Weleda (and I had the mask.. you've missed nothing :-/) discussed just on the blog.. Since I had written love even more to this great oil!!
    Oils are just super and Weleda introduced me to for the first time in the facial treatment with oil.. that's why I am forever grateful to them ;-)

  • Almond oil for skin irritation is new to me. Thank you for your note!

    Now is gone your FANTA allergy?


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