Zanzibar Palace LE von Couleur Caramel

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Today I want to show you two samples from the new “zanzibar palace” limited edition by Couleur Caramel which arrived this week. :)

Couleur_Caramel_Zanzibar_Palace_Limited_Edition_Eyeshadow_181_Gold nugget_Mascara-Duo
Top: Duo mascara, Bottom: Liquid eyeshadow in “181 Gold nugget”

Isn’t the packaging beautiful? I love it! :) The limited edition contains two creme rouges, two lipstick sets with three lipsticks in them and a duo-mascara.

Liquid Eyeshadow “181 Gold nugget”

The liquid eyeshadow is avaliable in four colors, I got “181 Gold nugget” as an sample. It contains 1,8g, is vegan and ecocert certified. It has a turning mechanism.

Couleur_Caramel_Zanzibar_Palace_Limited_Edition_Eyeshadow_181_Gold nugget

It is very well pigmented and shines in sunlight as well as in darker light:

Couleur_Caramel_Zanzibar_Palace_Limited_Edition_Eyeshadow_181_Gold nugget2

The incredible thing: Once dried it is smudge-proof unless you try to smudge it really hard:

Dual illuminating ended mascara

Another revolutionary prouct is the duo-mascara. One side is a normal black mascara but the other one is golden and should be applied on the peaks of the lashes.

The mascara contains 7g, is ecocert certified and not vegan because of beeswax. It costs about 33€.




This is what my first try looked like. I used a light color in the inner eye corner and a dark one in the crease, both from my Terra Naturi palette. Also I applied an eyeliner with the khol eyeliner by alverde.



I liked it but I applied the gold colour a bit too much in my opinion. Also it didn’t look that precise because I used too much of the black mascara.

My next try was more for daily use. I just used the gold liquid eyeshadow and two coats of the black mascara.


I am pretty impressed by the effect of the mascara although it makes some lumps on my lashes so I had to comb them a bit.


I kept the lip make-up simple because the golden eyes seemed pretty intense. Therefore I used my favourite lipliner “cherry blossom” by Terra Naturi plus a bit of the new lipgloss “nude secret” by alverde.

Unfortunately I found out, that I didn’t use enough of the eyeshadow and it was not a good idea to dab it on my eyes with my finger because it didn’t stay that good. Also the mascara crumbled a lot. This is how it looked like after one day at the university:


My last try was pretty good because I used the right amount of make-up. I just dipped the top part of my lashes in gold and I love the result! :)


It is a bit more intense in real life and definitely gives you an glamour effect! :) The lashes look a bit shorter because the tips are not black but it’s worth it!



Wow, this new limited edition is amazing! Not only the packaging but also the content is beautiful and gives you a glamourous golden Eye-Make-Up very easily. The small bitter pill is, that the black part of the mascara is somehow crumbling over the day.

How do you like the limited edition? :)

Would you wear this make up?

Would you wear it to special occasions or every day? :)

Lot's of love,


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