Bye bye, spoiled cosmetics!

Hello my friend!

Ist dir schon einmal ein Produkt gekippt, also schlecht geworden? 

Since I switched to natural cosmetics, ist mir das leider schon passiert. That's because, dass viele Produkte nicht so extrem (und anders) konserviert sind und wirklich nur so lange halten, wie es das angegebene Datum angibt.

Really annoying I find it in products, who are with me in the shower, because there is, in my view, not only on the shelf life, but especially on a poor packaging design. Products, where you can set the dosing opening-up will not be affected (wie z.B. the shampoos of alverde) but the typical tubes, as of Weleda, butterfly, Sante, alverde… are really unfavorable.

Take for instance my dearest Sante Family flushing. This had now for the third time a bit of mold around the opening (despite not yet expired shelf life), what is simply because, that passes through the packaging always water in the dosing top, can not drain and mix with small residues of the product. So then, of course, celebrating a festival and bacteria especially in moist bathroom air-mold and Tilted is preprogrammed. In addition, that I always use very little flushing and it takes quite a while, until the tube is exhausted.

Because I really did not want, that this continues, I ran to Rossmann and got myself a travel set of "for your beauty” Bought. It costs just 3€ and to14.06. there is even a euro discount on, with this coupon. Alternatively, you can also in some dm stores for just under 65 Buy cent individual travel vial 100ml, that look minimal different, but are almost identical from the otherwise.

Reiseset for your beauty

In "for your beauty" set are a transparent zipper bags and two vials of 100ml contain, There is also a small Funnel, a Spatula and two cream jars, each with 10ml to.

I especially like the closure, since Shampoo, Let conditioner and shower gel dose so good. In addition, all dense and it can run any water enter.

Reiseset for your beautyAt first only the packages were decanted from me, who possessed an impractical tubes form, Meanwhile, I have learned to love the little bottles. They are practically, minimalistic and space saving, just in a small shower. So I have now thrown all my shower products in a new guise (part of Rossmann, partly by dm) and am absolutely satisfied, since moldy nothing so quickly!

If you natural cosmetics already tipped?

Do you find such a small jar practically, rather awkward or even goofy, because they do not have nice packaging?


Liebe Grüße,Julia

23 thoughts on “Bye bye, spoiled cosmetics!”

  • Tipping is getting annoying. That has never happened to me to happiness. Only at the Weleda shower gel, I noticed, that something dries up the product in the lid and sees something disgusting out.

    Liebe Grüße

    • This is super, for me this can be sometimes unfortunately cannot be avoided, but fortunately, I can do it, the bulk of my cosmetics to use up before the end of the expiration date! I had also noticed that, the cover is somehow not quite optimal. :)

  • This is really a good idea, My Haardpülung has so far only once rancid me, Maybe I could have avoided this with your technique. Where do you store the remaining product then?
    Liebe Grüße
    the duck

    • Thank you! I put them in a bag and tuck them in the apartment, somewhere, where it's not so hot, a basement would be optimal, Unfortunately I don't have one but. So they are exposed to at least not so much heat and humidity in the bath. :) Da Yes maximum 200 ml contain most shower products, do you only once fill lucky. :)
      Liebe Grüße!

  • Love Julia, Super idea (: . I love to fill this luggage sets totally for DIYs, or just about anything for a trip in a smaller package.
    Endangered fortunately nothing is me in the shower, but tipped a few things am lately. Bad drum!
    I'll keep in mind your tip. Liebe Grüße (: .

    • Many Thanks! :) Yes exactly, the cream pots are also awesome for small experiments ;). And, I know that, It is then somehow so annoying, especially with higher quality products!
      Liebe Grüße! :)

  • Super idea! Since I unfortunately have the habit parallel to use too many products, sometimes not more so quite appetizing look some. Particularly “bad” is it mostly to the ingenious Santé flushing.
    Should I memorize your tip and implement :-)
    Liebe Grüße

    • Thank you! :) I'm also someone, who loves to have a great selection and much used at the same time, I can understand you as totally! :) Interesting, so that's really often so at the Sante flushing! :)
      Liebe Grüße! :)

  • Since I use mostly a product of the same category, not so much I know this problem (Fortunately). Something therefore has never tipped over is me, where I was sometimes uncertain to me at lipsticks. I'm just too economical in use. Find your idea but very good, just bad drum, If products due to poor packaging design are disproportionately early corrupted.

    • This is very laudable! That works for me unfortunately not always so well :S. Lipsticks that is me as well, It takes forever just to one is empty! I've been thinking, If I don't prefer samples put to me, then I can switch between shades and need it in time. Thank you! :)

  • I have also just flushing the Sante, together with the mould under the lid (If you could unscrew the at least once to clean!). Great idea with the transfer. It can be so easy!
    Many greetings, the Alex

  • Tilted is unfortunately quite a bit to me, for example two abstractions (Alverde and Benecos). Also my Aubrey Aloe Vera gel, where there luckily not so much in it was. Otherwise it went so far, What is probably because, I have not so many products. For me the Sante has never recognised flushing mold, but I they are not directly in the shower. With the mold I had the problem however in the Biofficina Toscana flushing, What was probably because, It was a concentrate and I felt ever needed, to empty the tube.

    • UI, in decorative cosmetics which has never happened to me so far, but who knows, Perhaps this is still. So far only two lipsticks are dry me up. :) This is good, Unfortunately I have nothing, where I could put that, in my mini bathroom :S. I think products, that won't be used it is true then most likely! :)

    • It has really annoyed me, at the latest when the third time ;). The decanting is fortunately super fast and you must fill only once per product, so okay for me on expenses :). Since the caption with the LabelMaker is rather expensive :D.

  • The same happened to rinse me with a Sante, very annoying and disgusting! Since then I keep most things outside the shower on a small cabinet. Get out of the shower out and since then I have da rest :).

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Jap, disgusting, it is exactly! This is super, I wish I would have also place for something like this. Well I hope times, This now fine with my technology filling to. :)
      Liebe Grüße!

  • Tilted is fortunately still no product, but I resent about the unsavory closures, where water collects. Unfortunately, more and more manufacturers to switch to. I have always put them up, Thus, no water catch 'em, but since there is the small luggage sets, I also like to do that and fill me up vials for the shower. The great tubes I then cool and dark in the closet are. In this way it really has more of its products.
    Liebe Grüße

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