Bullet Journal and calendar 2018 [Free digital notebook template]

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Hello there! :)

A digital, hand written notebook, which is completely searchable by hand writing recognition, with stickers and drawings in all colors and shapes and synchronized on all devices? Sounds too good to be true, but it exists! :)

I have been using the combination of a tablet, digital pen and writing app for 5 years, currently with iPad Pro 9.7′, Apple Pencil and the GoodNotes app, probably the best combination for me so far. I take notes in the university like this, because my lectures contain many formulas and only little text. At work, I use the App NotesPlus, because the information contains sensitive data and I am therefore not allowed to store it in the cloud, which I have activated in GoodNotes for private and university purposes for practical reasons. For my everyday life, I have a planner, a so-called Bullet Journal with my tasks, appointments, notes and even less important scribbles. I have a free template for this notebook for you to download below. :) I didn’t manage to create it at the beginning of the year, but I made it for the beginning of this semester, because the demand for it is so high. All you need for a Bullet Journal is an empty notebook and a pen. You can find out more about how this actually works in my article on the 2017 planner.

Then why do I create a template at all when you normally start with an empty notebook?

It takes a lot of time to design a bullet journal. Especially the creation of the monthly overviews can give a lot of pleasure to some, the other finds a ready-made overview more practical and wants to save time. That’s why I’ve prepared a few elements of the planner for you, but you can extend it as you like. If you use GoodNotes, you can even erase, move or change every single line I have drawn and every word I have written. This keeps the planner individual but you have less work and maybe a little inspiration.

Which devices or apps can I use the template with?

In principle, this is possible with every app and every tablet and touch pen. You don’t need expensive equipment, at the beginning I used my old iPad mini and a touch pen. I offer below both, a version for GoodNotes and a PDF file that works with each device that can read a PDF file. With GoodNotes you have the advantage that the template can still be changed, unfortunately, this is only possible to a limited extent as a PDF.

Why am I currently using GoodNotes and no other app?

For me, font recognition is essential for my notebooks. That’s why many apps wouldn’t work for me. Noteshelf 2, for example, looks very promising, but as far as I know, it doesn’t yet have hand writing recognition and the possibility to open notebooks in several tabs. I have previously been using NotesPlus until it crashed on my old tablet every now and then, now I use it for work, but I don’t find the handling and the search function as intuitive as with GoodNotes. At the moment I’m still missing some features of GoodNotes, but I hope that these might be added to the new version.

So what did I put in this template?

First of all, there are several cover pages so that you can pick the one that fits your style. It then contains monthly overviews, both as a list and in the classic calendar format. In addition, there is a habit tracker with which you can manifest habits, a page in which you can enter and rate your viewed films or read books, a travel overview, a timetable, a shopping list (but I usually use the app “Bring”) and a page for notes.

  • You can choose between different covers, like this one....
  • ... or this one. :)
  • There is a list for every month....
  • ... as well as a calendar overview.
  • I made bookmarks for every month, so you can find them easily.
  • Otherwise, You can open the miniature view of all the pages.
  • This is the habit tracker, one of the new pages.
  • You don't like the minimalistic pages? Use the lettered stickers on the last pages instead.
  • They are great to make your planner more special.

This year I decided to create an English template only, if you would like a German template, please write me, if the demand is big enough, I might make another one. I also kept it quite minimalistic this year but added stickers on the last pages, which you can simply cut or copy and place anywhere in the notebook. How this works you can see in the following animation:

Why should I use my bullet journal, calendar or notebook digitally?

Save paper

The paperless office, i.e. the digital archiving and creation of all documents, as I am doing now, saves a lot of paper. You don’t have to print out scripts or documents, just sign them digitally. For example, for scanning, I use the app “Scanner Pro”, because it has OCR as font recognition.

Better organisation

Thanks to this digital storage, the documents are better sorted and you almost always have them at hand. Everything is much tidier, as long as you put it down correctly.

Device sync

Do you want to add something to the to-do list in bed to clear your head? Or to search your notes on the way? With a synchronized app on your phone, you can view the documents or add something even if the tablet is not in reach. Of course, this is not suitable for large entries but works great for smaller notes. GoodNotes even has a desktop version that allows you to view and edit documents.


At university, I do not carry a huge pencil case, only two pens. A black Muji gel pen and my Apple Pencil, because on the iPad I can write with any colour, even the colour of my highlighter can be selected. Thanks to shape recognition I do not have to use a ruler and the compass. Forgot to write down a note in the middle of your text? No problem, the text can be easily moved and arranged in any order.

An infinite variety of stickers

Images or stickers from the Internet can be inserted in seconds using drag and drop or the import function, so you don’t have to buy stickers or washi tape and you can also insert your own photos.

Searchable notes

The most important feature for me: Everything is searchable. Whether it’s the name of a formula in my scripts, the idea I had for a blog article, a shop where I bought something, or a little side note, once I write something more or less readable in my notebook, I can just search for it. When exporting as PDF, this searchable text remains.

Now I have talked enough, here you can find the dropbox links for the template, first as GoodNotes document, second as PDF. It would be nice if you could only download the template you use, Depending on whether you use GoodNotes or not.

Download Links

(Updated: 8. April – removed mistakes on april and may pages)

Template for Goodnotes (ZIP), fully customizable

Template for all Apps (PDF)

New Point Page Template (Like you can see in the habit tracker)

You can find the old page-templates (lined, blank, half lined,…) in my older article: Bullet journal 2017. If the link does not work for a moment, Please be patient, because then I have to upgrade my Dropbox subscription for higher traffic. Why don’t you try again the next day? :)

I put a lot of time and love into the Bullet-Journal template, if you want to buy me a coffee for it, you can do it here:

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I would be very happy about it, but of course, it is not a must :). Feel free to leave feedback and ideas for improvement here as comments under the article or just write me an email.

Have fun designing your Bullet Journal! :)

Lot's of love,

25 thoughts on “Bullet Journal and calendar 2018 [Free digital notebook template]”

  • Hey, Hey…

    Wow, Thank you for your work!!!!
    How do I get the template in Goodnotes because.

    Liebe Grüße

    • Hello C! :)
      Many Thanks! :) This is how you: Open the ZIP file and open the included .goodnotes file in GoodNotes (so on the .goodnotes file and click "app: Select GoodNotes" :) You need an app ZIP can open you file on the iPad or you unzipped so either them on the computer and then send it to the iPad. :) I hope I could help you more, otherwise ask for love again! :)
      Many greetings
      Julia :)

  • Thanks so much for the resources! I have having some difficulty cutting the stickers at the end. Can you give me some help please? Thanks.

  • Hi Julia,

    Thank you for the great templates. Damage, that there are no videos of the creation process, I'm really curious on it.

    Are you going to tell me, what you used for a format for the pages, A5 is not or?
    Can I print it anyway later on A4/A5?

    Kind regards and thank you again!

    • Hi Rike!
      Thank you for your love feedback! Maybe I'm the next time a video to :)
      The format is adapted to GoodNotes, precisely the size, There has in the app with multiple open tabs available. From experience, I would recommend to print it on A5. :)
      I use a glass slide, to protect the display, I'm used to the smooth surface and matte films have always bothered me, Since the resolution of the iPad look mostly worse can. Would I use the Tablet only to write, It wouldn't matter, It has bothered me too much only the last few times. :)
      Liebe Grüße
      Julia :)

  • Thank you for your kindness for sharing a beautiful planner with us. I can see the hard work that you put in there. You make my life easier. really love you planner, thx.

  • Read everything and think it's great. Seen only at the end, It is unfortunately just for Apple. Damage

    • Thanks for your comment! You can use the calendar on non-Apple devices, to do this you have to open the calendar as a PDF version download and in the Notes app of your choice on your device. :)
      Liebe Grüße!

  • Have I today downloaded your calendar in good notes and look forward. Thank you, that you can share your ideas and work with us. There is also a guide on YouTube, How to create his own calendar from the templates?
    LG Heidi

  • Hi, thank you for this template, I am new to digital planning and it inspired me. I made my dream october layout with selfmade sticker in minutes! It has inspired me to design my own planner. I’m using keynote but I’ve been struggling with the resolution, which did you use? I like detail but when I copy my layout to my custom planner, it takes a while to load the copied selection :/

    • Thank you so much for your nice words, I am glad that you enjoy my template! :) The bad loading time is a problem with big resolution pictures as well as with the highlighter tool, unfortunately I haven’t found a way to prevent it. For the keynote resolution I used 844 to 1020 in my new 2019 Planner and this worked great! I hope I was able to help you a bit! :)

  • Dear Julia,
    Thank you for the great templates, that you've done here… I wanted to help your commitment to better and paper-free notes and calendar: How about it, When we do our, and I do so edit your templates, they are interconnected with links, We can jump from month to days and other pages so super easy? :)
    Maybe you feel like on a small project? I would help you in the design, If you want some help!
    Liebe Grüße,

    • Love Saskia,
      Thank you for the Nice offer! The Scheduler for this year I had done already for several months with hyperlinks and had to change a few things until the release. Did you perhaps suggestions for improvements to the new Planner for 2019?
      Lots of love

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