Need(n) NK?

Who is to blame for my huge conversion to natural cosmetics? My Friend. He discovered sometime an article about the ingredients of conventional cosmetics and drew my attention. What I could not believe at first ("The products are all but sold in Germany, which can not damage taken. ") was sound from one report to. And after the end of the day was my whole world head, I decided to put aside everything only once and to let me know right. Then came a few days without makeup, Creams and Co. (Fortunately, that was during the holidays). Reading, View reports and researching ingredients.
And then there was soon a decision. Of course, always some will be well packaged by the media and presented some scandalous, but still wanted both I, as well as my friend no longer use such products. After all is yes no longer impossible and natural cosmetics means not any funny smelling things bringing nothing to mix together and use.
Umgeschaut So off to the store and times. After I had informed me of the important NK-Label, I got along very well. Since're creams and decorative cosmetics and, and, and. While I had to give up almost anything and could choose between the most fragrant flowers, saw it with my friend all (!) different.
A shower gel. A shampoo. A cream. A deodorant.
And all with the same scent: Ginko.
Why Ginko?
Ready, now I have a slightly different relation to odors and so therefore all-artificial variants I find not so charming but I know not a man (v.a. aged up to 30) who wants to smell like after Ginko and herbs. In Essen okay, but in our fresh world, where sophisticated fragrances in all sorts of variations from the lab come? So was the search for matching products for him much more difficult than for me and introduced himself as the real challenge here.
Yet it is very important nowadays to watch just for men, what they lubricate the skin. But a change need not be difficult. A friend of mine, I of natural cosmetics (What sounds always so incredibly eco) had told, fell the most easily. He said his only its products anyway almost empty and we could walk but just in the nearest drugstore and buy new. Said, done, I showed him how he can trust and Siegel 10 Minutes later and ca. 10 Euro poorer (and there is to me someone tell NK is too expensive) he had changed everything, of the liquid hand soap to the shampoo. You see, it's easy, If you know how. Therefore, there is of me as an aid and because of the many demands at last:
A new category!
For all men, where it is not matter, which is used in their products,
because long-term testing to the many new materials are missing at the moment. What is certain however,, is that the preservatives are harmful.
And for all women, who want their husbands to convince or have it.
Man(n) does not have to smell like salad dressings!
It will not be so many Reviews, like on the female counterpart, because my friend does not like a lot of bells and whistles in the bathroom as I, But the most important basic products and perhaps the odd gift from my hand is, then evaluated in detail, show up here!
I hope it makes you men a bit of courage, too bad the products are not!

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