“Give and Take” – Blogger Bioty Box Nr.3

Hello my friend! :)

There it is again: The third Blogger BIOty Box (here you can find my first one)! :) This time it is all about “give and take” and all of us 18 green beauty bloggers gave all their unloved cosmetics to Karin from “Kosmetik Natürlich”. We all gave make-up that had the wrong shades for us or skincare that just doesn’t fit to our skintype as well as some wishes to Karin, she disinfected everything, resorted it and packed a parcel for all of us. Thank you for this incredible effort! :)

So this is, what my blogger bioty box contained:

alverde – eyeshadow “50 satin taupe”


A pretty grey eyeshadow by alverde. It comes just in time, as I start to experiment with colder eyeshadows since the Puritybag.

avril – blush “rose praline”


“Rose Praline” is a beautiful rouge, a tiny bit cold but also somehow neutral, so it fits to many different make-ups!

Couleur Caramel – eyeshadow “02”


This actually is an eyeshadow, but I love to use it as a rouge! I rarely wear red eyeshadow and this is the perfect shade for a blush, don’t you think? :)

zao – soie de teint silk foundation “701 ivoire”


The foundation by zao feels velvety on my skin, unfortunately it doesn’t fit my skintone.

Here are some swatches of the products:


As you can see the pigmentation of the blushes (or rather the rouge and the eyeshadow) is awesome! They are very buttery and can easily be applied even. The eyeshadow by alverde also gives a lot of colour and blends pretty well. Unfortunately the foundation is a bit too red and dark, I think I will pass it on to someone else. :)

Tautropfen “Charming shower emulsion rose”


This shower emulsion by Tautropfen smells beautifully of roses, I am looking forward to take a shower with it! :)


MELOS – vegetable-oil soap“seabuckthorn”



I love seabuckthorn, so I think I'll be pretty happy with this soap from MELOS.

These blogs also participated:

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Tinted ivory

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How do you like the third blogger bioty box? 

What are you doing with cosmetics that doesn't fit to you?

 Lot's of love,


16 thoughts on ““Give and Take” – Blogger Bioty Box Nr.3”

  • Love Julia, It's a pity that the Foundation is too dark! Could I imagine it very good for you by the consistency and was hoping, that fits the color. The three powder products can be beautiful together, brown red clay on the middle of the cheek bone, Furthermore the rosane (for a little highlight) and the grey subtly including (for some outline). You're always so great lipsticks in bold colors, It looked in my mind pretty discreet about. I wish you much pleasure with things!

    • Love Karin,

      Thanks for the tip, I had not even thought of! Will I try tomorrow right now! :D
      Thank you for the great selection, you did me a great joy :).

      Beautiful love greetings and a Sunday!

  • Great idea, the thing with the box. Products, a fehleinkauf etc. Goods, be passed by me in the context of competition en, of course original packaging, otherwise, I have more customers for this circle of friends. LG britti ♡

    • And, It is similar to, However significantly less purple. You can tell the difference, If you the and Gretel eyeshadow something stacks, because he is otherwise very discreet. :) The unique job they are but really very similar :).

  • Love Julia,
    Your box has become too cute. Surprisingly, uncluttered, but you can use almost all products. I also have the eye shadow of Alverde … I should use it again, because I'm just very on taupe tones.

    If I don't like a product, and I know jmd, who might like it, I like to pass it. This is then sometimes for the recipient like Christmas :D. Also, I've already tried, Products to resell – just, If I don't know anyone, who could use the product.

    Many greetings

    • Dear Miss periwinkle,

      and, It was also important to me, that the packet is too large, because I just try to minimize something my cosmetics and the stuff would otherwise back just lying around :D. I like taupe just also very much, especially with gaudy, cool lipsticks (of which I admittedly only one, the pink by Zuii :D).
      I like it also totally, so you can make at least someone else a pleasure, rather than that it is bad in the private bathroom :). Sold I have only my conventional cosmetics, but this is a good idea, just for expensive investments (with me but thanks to student budget limits are the) that makes sense :).

      Liebe Grüße!

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