Blogger BIOty Box – Summer, Sun & Mee(h)r

Hello my friend! :)
Die Post war da! And they brought me something very fantastic:
Love a package from the Mexi!
The background was, that Anita, Heli, Mexi, Kosmetik Natürlich, Bobby, Small Gehopse, Strawberrymouse, £, Wuscheline and I have decided, mutually create us a little Beauty Box with natural cosmetics.
It works like this:
Each attracts a person, he then a box on “Summer, Sun & Mee(h)r” compiles.
Of course I want you to withhold not the content, So here comes my

Full of anticipation, I opened the beautiful box of course the same!
Wunderhübsch, do not you think!?
In the Bioty box contains the following products:
Primavera – Moisturizer
About face creams I am always, this here is a sample of the Primavera moisturizer Neroli Cassis, which looks promising! :)
Pocket Brush
Color matched perfectly my new brush is for your pocket! A great idea, I can be incredibly good use, because my Tangle-Teezer remains in the bathroom and I still have no brush on the go.
Some – Cleaning Wipes
Super excited I am to these wipes! The wipes of alverde I tolerate no, by Alterra only from time to time, otherwise my whole face is very fast, very red ò.ó , So I am looking forward to try it.
Aliqua is also available only in Budni, its branches so all lie to the north, the products I'm not so easily zoom!
Sante – Nailpolish
Wow, What a beautiful color! I would as merry “Sonnengelb” describe, so it fits perfectly with the motto definitely :D.
Funny, the love Mexi has so totally met my taste, one of my former favorite conventional paints, had almost exactly such a tone :D! For tanned skin also it fits securely super.
I can not wait to try it out!
Alterra – Pflanzenölseife sandalwood
This soap I had not long in his hand, because my friend has pilfered me, as soon as he sniffs the pleasantly tart scent! Exceptionally “male” for a natural product from the drugstore, I agree: Not the standard herbal scent.
I love the smell and am very pleased with the great soap, He also ;).
Martina Gebhardt – Rose eye care fluid
Martina Gehbardt, South! :D Some time ago I've already bought the shea cream and found it super, did the remaining half but then given away to a very good friend.
The happier I am about this great fluid for the eyes.
Card – Rehearse
That too was a total hit the bull's eye, for me has the price of khadi products (about 10 Euro for a shampoo) deterred. Now I can only once in the rest Alma&Neroli and Tulsi&Jamrosa Shower--& Try bath gel and the Alma and Rose Shampoo and then decide, whether it is worth the money to me!
Michael Droste-By – Alkaline Edelsteinbad
And was finally a great basic Edelsteinbad of Michael Droste-Laux in the Box.
Also I'm incredibly happy about it, for basic skin care is very exciting for me, I wanted to try more in the direction anyway.
A lot of, many thanks, Mexi love for this awesome packet!!!! :D
I find it incredibly well done, almost creepy, Mexi that has my taste so good hit :P.
The other boxes can be found on:
On, do you know products from my wonderful Box? :D
Dearest Greetings,

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