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At the moment I tend to stay away from LE’s, as they usually only encourage me to buy more and I often can’t buy my beloved pieces again. Also, it’s usually not ideal for blog articles, because I don’t like to introduce LE products to you later because you won’t be able to buy them if you like them. Nevertheless, two LE’s have attracted my attention lately and I would like to introduce one of them to you today: The “Naturzauber” LE from alverde. The pink packaging didn’t appeal to me that much, but the matt lipsticks and vegan blushes did!

The LE consists of a “Refreshing body spray” (vegan) for 2,95€, two “Shimmer abstractions” (vegan) for 3,95€ each, a “Natural Beautifying Powder” (vegan) for 3,95€, a “Lip scrub” (vegan) for 2,95€, three lipsticks (not vegan) for 3,45€ each and a nail care oil (vegan) for 2,95€.

The care and the body spray did not interest me personally so much because I rarely use body spray and currently have enough lip scrubs and oils. But I find decorative cosmetics all the more exciting.


The two vegan blushes are buttery and have a beautiful glow, the colour 20 is much more pigmented than the more delicate no.10, which looks more like a highlighter to me. The correction powder shines a little less, adapts to the colour of the skin and has a balancing effect. I particularly like that all three products are vegan. It’s a shame that the three matt lipsticks are not vegan. Like almost always with bright red alverde products (and many other brands as well), beeswax and carmine.

You can find the ingredients of all products of the Limited Edition here:


Nevertheless, I decided to buy the two lipsticks “10 Ruby red” and “20 Peony pink”.

I bought the lipstick “10 red kiss” from the standard range some time ago and I am still fascinated by it. Creamy, nourishing, yet mattifying and even though it does not last the whole day, yet the durability is very good and it can be easily added in contrary to the liptints from Purobio. The only drawback: The application is not as precise as I am used to with other products or lip liners. This is not too noticeable from a distance, but it still bothers me now and then and that’s why I usually use an additional lip liner for the contours.

So I hoped that the normal lipstick shape would make the LE lipsticks easier to apply. Here I can already say that I have the same problem with the two colours, but they have other qualities that I think are great. Here are the swatches compared to the colour from the standard range:

On the lips you can also see quite well what I mean by the difficult application of the contours:

But what I love about it is the texture. It is even creamier and less pigmented than the matt lipsticks from the standard range and also significantly less matt. You must therefore blot your lips with a cosmetic tissue after application to achieve a matt result. That’s why the lipstick is so easy to layer. If you only want a little colour, apply the lipstick only once and then blot. For a more intensive result, however, you can also apply three coats of lipstick without the lipstick settling strangely, becoming unsightly or crumbling. By the way, you can also use the no. 20 for beautiful lips, which are colour-intensive on the inside and a little more transparent on the outside, as you often see with Korean make-up. Another advantage: even with three layers (with blotting between the application) the lips are still well cared for, perfect for cold winter days, which hopefully will soon be over; ).

That’s what the two lipsticks look like when worn.

How do you like the limited edition-natural magic?

Did you buy one of the products? How happy are you with that?

2 thoughts on “alverde "Naturzauber" LE”

  • She not so appeals to me. A vegetarian blush would be great, but I like there no idea.
    Overall, the LE reminds me somehow of Terra Naturi.
    The two lipstick colors, that's your choice, I also like, Maybe a swatch on the ground can convince me ;D

    • Then the abstractions are intended not for you, you are very schimmerig. :) That's right, the abstractions are with an identical design, I think also at Terra Naturi to find. I am curious, How do you find them! :)

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