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Hello my friend!

Today I want to show you the new limited edition by alverde called “Natural brighness”. :) I barely buy products from limited editions right now but this one is really interesting.


There are three lipglossees (2,95€ for 6ml) and three lipsticks (2.7g for €2.95). All the colors are pretty but a bit too blueish for me.


The powder brushes (4.9g for €4.95, vegan) have a great packaging with at included brush. Unfortunately I don ’ t like the powders because they contain way to much glitter instead of shimmer.


Powder Brush_Alverde natural Brighntess

But I really like the eyeshadow boxes (5*0.8g for €4.95) and bought the second palette “20 nude brown” because it has beautiful warm colors and the golden color looks a bit like the one in myFour Zuii or in theliquid eyeshadow by couleur caramel


The multicolor blush is made of five bright rosé colors (9g for €3.95).


I also bought the lipstick “58 Star light coral” from the normal product range because the lipsticks in the limited edition are too bluish for me and I have been looking for a nice nude lipstick for a long time now. :)


It’s a pretty color and a bit transparent so it looks very natural and can be worn with heavy eye make-up. :)


The only lipstick I have that has a similar shimmer is “08 soft coral” by Terra Naturi. I bought this for years now but this summer it is a bit too pink and bright for me. :)


The eyeshadow palette looks a lot like a paintbox, don’t you think so? :)


The lightest two colors are shimmery, the darker eyeshadows are matt.

I has nearly the same color in the sunlight like the liquid eyeshadow by couleur caramel but is not as dark and intense in darker surroundings.


But the it is more golden in comparison to the color from the Zuii Quad “natural”.


This is what the golden and light brown eyeshadow looks like, with the darkest color on the eyeslash line and the lipstick:



I think this look is great for everyday because it is only a natural golden color. The lipstick can thus be used with heavy eye-make-up. :)

How do you like the limited edition?

Do you like nude products or do you think they got use?

Do you prefer hot or cold colors? :)

Lot's of love,


12 thoughts on “alverde – Natural brightness LE”

  • I was most interested in the eyeshadow, the pink version, but do not share your opinion of the pigmentation. I felt the pigmentation as a rather weak. Of course you can mend this primer with a, Nevertheless I haven't bought so far but the pink range due to the pigmentation. I found the lipsticks again super! Damage, I have not the lips for lipstick, otherwise I would've bought probably all three! #noupperlip :D
    The GIF shows the glitter effect by the way, perfectly! Which is really enormous! Lately I have slammed against all expectations at the Alterra LE and rather exposed it at Alverde, where Alverde's products during the presentation seemed much more interesting!

    • I found, that the Eyeshadows were quite delicately chosen and have therefore also rather than natural colors, less than super tones dark evaluated, so you're right with the pigmentation. :) I can totally understand #noupperlip, is with me as well :D. Where I'm wearing now sometimes bright red colors and then the (I hardly existing) Lip heart stress :). Thank you, I was almost concerned, that's not really comes across on the gif, in real he was almost more intense! O.o for me unfortunately rather uninteresting was the Alterra LE, because at most the eyeliner have approached me and I own a similar of alverde :). Where the nail polishes are always class!

  • Hello, I bought a lipstick and the blush. Just not tried yet, will I soon pick up. Nice post by the way. Greetings from Stephen by brittiesbeautytest. ♡

  • With us the LE in the unlikely has not so been sold (I've seen the different). The colors are exactly my thing, at least the eyeshadow…I found everything else to shining or striking then but back to little. At the end I bought but then no palette, because I really found only two colors and as or similar to already have everything else.

    • Oh crazy, I was even in two dm now and both times the stand looked pretty lifeless. There were however already LE it away was all that on the first day of the sale! Very reasonable, you need also the same shade in umpteen versions :). Has also wondered, that alverde everywhere so much glitter has packed into. Liebe Grüße!

  • The LE let cold it somewhat at the moment, I'm probably slightly oversaturated. I was recently only DM, have, but completely forgotten me the top stand to look at. ^ ^ I like the look for everyday super and the lipstick color is exactly my booty schema… but I'm sticking to it, I've had enough. ;)

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Just as I'm, only I find it always very attractive eyeshadow pallets from LE, the range the last Terra Naturi Le is currently daily in use, for example, with me. :) Liebe Grüße!

  • You imagined that really totally beautiful, It was hard for me, to make decent swatches in artificial light DM. I have wanted to be sure so a lipstick, but the brightest sound was then somewhat nude on my lips and I looked so colorless * laugh * but above all the color was not good sitting on my dry lips and he bäääh smelled and tasted. I know that by alverde but much better! Well.. for this I have slammed in p2 :-)

    • Thank you! I'm running with the swatches from the shop, the light of day and knipse as my photos, because man otherwise neither on the photos still really really can detect, what the colors look like. People think I'm already crazy! :I know that D, a difficulty for themselves is to find a matching nude tone really and if you limited then in addition to affordable natural cosmetics, means a long, long search. :) Oh this is so weird, I know only the “Taste” the lipsticks from the standard range and which is quite okay, I agree. :) Liebe Grüße!

  • I had flirted also with the gold eye shadow palette. But I have to agree Naturagi: The pigmentation is so weak, that one must probably neatly layers the product. In terms of durability Alverde powdery products are not generally so my case. All in all a LE, that me not blow your mind :)

    • So as I said, for me, that was, but is nothing compared to Purobio or some conventional inks, where it once with your finger goes through and then has intense color on the eye. Alverde conditions I find it okay but the opacity is not revolutionary, Here I give you right. :) What are your favorite powder eye shadow or do you generally prefer liquid or creamy products? :) Liebe Grüße!

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