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Hello my friend! :)
This year I used some alverde products every day, so I thought it would be a great idea to show them.

Lipstick color&Care “Starlight coral 58” 

(3,45€ for 4, 7 g)

The first one is this Lipstick Starlight coral 58, I discovered in spring and loved to wear it, Since then. It is a shiny, color with some glow but still natural looking and, of course, nourishing.

Kohl Eyeliner (vegan)

(3,45€ for 2 g)

Another product is the khol eyeliner. It has a small, flat brush in it, that makes it easy to get a precise and fine makeup. Normally I just optically thicken my lashes at the lashline but still want some precise look. So khol is great for eye - make - up, Watch this video by Lisa Eldrige to learn more! :)

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Self tanning lotion (vegan)

(3,95€ for 200ml)

In summer and winter I care a lot about sun protector. I use it regularly, so I don’t get a tan in summer. This is not bad at all, but sometimes I want to get some color on my pale legs or on the whole body. This is when I use the self tanning lotion by alverde, because it looks natural, isn’t orange, has some “erythrulose” in it and works perfectly for me. I also use it for my face, therefore i mix it 1/1 with pH skin neutral cream. :)

Shower sorbet organic mango, Organic Lemon (vegan)

(0,95€ for 200ml)


My last favorite product is the organic mango, organic-lemon shower sherbet. It smells so amazing like fresh ice cream in summer and it is hard, not to take a bite :P. The texture is between a normal shower gel and a nourishing cream-shower.

 Do you have a favorite product by alverde? :)
Lot's of love, 

P.S. This article is not sponsored at all, I spent my own money to buy these products.

15 thoughts on “alverde Favorites [ Birthday Raffle]”

  • Happy blog birthday! :) I'm trying my luck right time, until recently, I have emptied my shower sherbet :I amazingly have never tried any other products D. I've heard also many good of the self tanning lotion! Thank you for the raffle and best regards!

  • Good luck later on the blog birthday. I also always think such occasions and then like to organize a small raffle on my blog as a thank you for the great Fallower. I haven't tried that yet a shower sherbet, sounds but very interesting. I think the lipstick color just plain class. Therefore I hope times, Fortuna brings me luck. If I follow you on Instagram I so can't tell, will I however soon pick up (If not already done). Wish you a nice weekend. Liebe Grüße, Britti

  • I am excited <3 Like to hop in the Los pot and hope luck finds me. I would be happy very happy if I win, This is profit so a hammer. And thank you for this wonderful raffle


  • Love Julia, that really looks like great products, which I all of them still do not own. Therefore, I like to try my luck and press the thumb. Greetings Elli

  • Congratulations to the Bloggeburtstag. I still don't know the products, Since I alverde brand still don't really had on the screen. Must I necessarily try. I would be happy about winning.
    Liebe Grüße

  • Good luck to the Bloggeburtstag :-) on many more years! I have tested one of Alverde products and would love so much about winning! Currently, I am absolutely thrilled by the gentle cleansing milk by Alterra, which is recommended by the allergy protection Federal. So very gentle, vegan, Natural cosmetics and skin feel super great – would I recommend :-)
    Many greetings,

  • Hello my friend,
    then I wish later to the blog birthday friends! <3
    The shower sorbet sounds great and maybe I'll keep looking even after… I abstain but time and press the other the fiddling! :-)

    Many greetings

  • Congratulations retrospectively to the blog birthday, love Julia!

    Very often bought, I have already the eyeliner in the potty by Alverde. However he was taken straight from the range (Why always). That you can find that great Shower mousse, can I more than understand. You are really great.
    Newly discovered I have the highlighter by Alverde. He inspires rather!

    Greenest greetings

  • Congratulations on the blog birthday :)
    I really loved the shower sherbet in the summer! There are currently for 0.95 euros to buy * _ *.
    I've heard only good of the self-tanning products, got me but until now still not married to try it out. The Alverde lipsticks I find really great! They are great pigmented and not dry out the lips, but they also maintain. :) I love the “Cherry” from the standardsortiment and “Velvet brown” the current Le!! *_*
    Love greetings!

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