alverde Fabulous Fifties LE + spring look

Hello my friend! :)

Today, there are again a few drugstore News for you! :)

Since last week, is available in DM stores the new Limited Edition “Fabulous Fifties” alverde!

FiftiesLE (3) 

It consists of a Mascara (11ml for € 3.95 – not vegan), three Lippe pin (4,6g for € 2.95 – not vegan), three eyeshadow (2,2g for 2.25 € – Grey Light und Beauty Green sind vegan), three Eyeliner (3,9ml for € 3.25 – vegan), one Peelingsmaske (10ml for € 1.95 – vegan), a Cleaning Powder (11g for € 3.95 – vegan), two Eyebrow gel (4,5g for € 3.25 – not vegan) and two Rouges (13g for € 3.95- not vegan). 

The design has personally appealed to me only moderately, I'm not a big fan of polka dots. ^^


The colors of eye shadow can not have inspire me. Only the blushers and lipsticks have interested me. Something weird I find, that in the LE a Mascara included, it so well (recently) you can buy in the standard range. Same Price, own content :).

Here are the products geswatched:



The colors have knocked me pretty trying out, a Top Farbabgabe and also the choice of colors is selected voices (although I do not quite the relationship to the makeup of the 50's see ^^).

Finally, I decided against the lipsticks, because I have so similar already at home. :)

The Rouge in “Dizzie Peach” has it done to me, however,, a tender, easy koralliges rosé with soft shimmer, without any glitter!

After I then the ingredients (INCI) flew over and saw, that actually included in the Blushes no Talc is, was the purchase of a done deal! :D


The marbling is composed of a bright pink, a soft coral and a slightly greenish gold. It is extremely well pigmented, can be used both with your hands, Apply as easily and evenly with your fingers, and distribute.


With such a fresh color I just had a little spring look make up!

These products I have used:




The Lips combo is just my absolute favorite and I wear them almost every day!

So the whole looks then finished:

spring look


I love contouring at the moment so much! By Bronzer (which are now. eyeshadow) therefore affects the Rouge slightly brownish in the picture.

Therefore, even a close-up for you:


A fresh, easily highlight end spring Rouge! <3

More to LE you can find for example in Beautyjagd and Sonnensprossen!

Apropos Spring, just also ebelin a new LE with brushes called “Spring Moments”. When I saw the press release, I wanted to reflect the “Wangen artists” take, a beveled brush for contouring. But on the spot all the brushes were much too easily bound. My favorite for contouring is currently my Everyday Minerals “Angled Flat Top Brush” and I like exactly him, that he is tied!

FiftiesLE (4)

Another new feature is the way the Foot Spray of alverde, which is said to have a refreshing effect.  


For me, this is the moment but nothing yet, my foot care I told you so recently demonstrated already! Did you already during the correspondingHerbs participated?

Are you already so in Spring Fever?

How you like the new Limited Editions?

Do you find Talc in Kosmetik bad?

Lots of love,


P.S.: Now again soon more will be going on the blog, the test time is finally over! ;)


15 thoughts on “alverde Fabulous Fifties LE + spring look”

  • Very pretty! :)

    The Rouge in Dizzy pink speaks to totally me on the pictures, I've seen so far. Just like the lipstick in Sugar Rose, which seems to me but Zuii's nude very similar to be. Let's see. I should really watch, the days of me DM! ;)

    Liebe Grüße,

  • Looks nice, Your look! I looked at also the LE me, but anything bought. Somehow the Rouge colors for me were me then to very sweet ;-)

  • Oh how beautiful, reported also on the baked Rouge dizzy peach. I like it very much! Conjures up such a nice freshness and rays on the cheeks. I found the brush too beautiful, could still resist ;) LG Jules

  • A beautiful and flawless spring look :-) Enviable ;-) Tomorrow I look at the LE site. My dm does she get something later ^ ^-on the Rouge and “Sugar rose” nothing appeals to me. Thanks for the tip with the foot spray!
    Liebe Grüße

  • Man how well you can stand firm :-)
    Why do you think the colors not matching to the 1950s? If you then Google, There are a lot of makeup, that look just. Find, that alverde has managed it perfectly.
    Since I spent last week in bed, sent me my husband the peach blush and lipstick 30 worried, of love. And because I'm just too excited, I even sent a friend, the other blush and lipstick 10 to buy. So much for my fortitude :-))

    Very nice fresh look is did you!!

  • The picture of the finished look looks right, really nice out! :) You have great skin!
    I will make me now time also equal during the lunch break on the way DM. Mainly because of the lipsticks… but I look at the Rouge then also further.

  • Very nice look. Your skin looks really great, so strahelnd and glowy. The Le has really embarked, somehow all took something from ^^ the pigmentation of the products was also really exceptionally good.

    the Ebelin are brush the color of rather less something for me, but the professional brushes are great.

    Liebe Grüße

  • I've slammed… Pink Rouge can alverde just! Also, the eye shadow brush of ebelin was allowed with, I thought only: na times movies. For the drawer at my friend. But hey, which is great! Very soft, almost like the first alverde eyeshadow brush! *.*

  • Huhu :)
    I just stumbled upon your blog and find this post super :) I will let a subscription here also same time. Apparently you are using relatively similar products I like and have also a snow white skin, there a few tips could be quite helpful.
    Liebe Grüße,

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