5free Nagellack (+ Lists and Storage)

Hello my friend! :)

Today it comes to the issuesnatural and 5free nail polishes, as well as my storage for that. I have been intensively me with this subject lately and what I have found out so, I would like to share with friends today. :) In this article, I will answer frequently asked questions on the topic. Thanks to the inquisitive tried it out community for the suggestion!

Let's go! :)


Is there 100% natural Nail Polish?

What does 5free?

Which brands offer 5free nail polish?

How do I find out which paints are otherwise still 5free?

Do you have a list of 5free coatings of nail polish companies?

Are there any natural nail polish remover?

 What 5free nail polishes do you own and how you keep them on?


Is there 100% natural Nail Polish?

Since last year there by Logona a completely natural, even certified organic Nail Polish. It is based on shellac and is therefore not vegan. In addition the range currently comprises five colors as well as a glossy coating for excess, Since the coatings inherently have a semi matte finish. You cost each 15€ and need to be removed from the nail the Logona nail polish remover. To do this you will find reviews for the Alabastermädchen, Makeup love or Woman wuselig.

The color picker is too small, the paints are too expensive or those who live vegan, He can focus on 5free coatings. These are not natural, but without some toxic ingredients. Also known natural cosmetics brands sell 5free nail polish. More of that later in the article.:)


What does 5free?

The Term “5free” is used in connection with nail polish. If a paint “5free” is, then in this product not five toxic and classified as dangerous substances. There is also the term “3free”, in which just three toxic substances are not included.

The Term “5free” unfortunately is not protected, that means, each manufacturer can self-determined, what substances he means. But common are the following:

A varnish is normally 3free, if it does not contain the following three substances:


Formaldehyde is suspected to be carcinogenic and may cause many allergies and respiratory diseases. It is toxic even in small concentrations. More e.g.. here.

2. Dibutyl-Phtalat oder Phtalate

Phthalates are plasticizers, which are damaging the genetic material and to make due to the similarity to hormones also barren suspected.

In the European Union dibutyl phthalate is already in Baby- prohibited and children's toys. Some manufacturers advertise with 5free, no DBP (Dibutylphtalat) included, some close even the whole class of phthalates from. Personally, I agree to the stricter definition and avoid even nail polish with other phthalates, I personally just this classifies as dangerous. More information about phthalates, check here and here.

3. Toulol

Toulol allowed only in nail polish, Not to be used in other cosmetics. It is a solvent, which trigger nerve damage, can make barren and lead to allergies.

Are not these two ingredients also in nail polish, we speak of 5free:

4. Formaldehyde resins

Formaldehyde resins can cause eczema and are to be harmful suspected, similar to formaldehyde.

5. Campher

Camphor is actually a natural remedy, which against muscle- and respiratory symptoms is used in small doses, as it improves circulation and expectorant and on the central nervous system. It can also be produced synthetically, and has some side effects, as shortness of breath or nausea, In addition, there can be confusion. In high doses it is highly toxic. Since it is only used in small amounts, I classify it as personally not so bad a, as the other substances, nevertheless I avoid it rather.

A substance, which is also often count towards the five substances, is

(6.) Colophonium.

Rosin is a natural resin, which can trigger asthma and allergies and it may be formed in contact dermatitis. In addition, the vapor is harmful.

Course for the cosmetics always approximate and you will none of these substances in lethal concentration in nail polish find, However, I would personally not have in my nail polish these ingredients.

The designation “7free” often includes another, that the coatings are produced on animals and are vegan.


Which brands offer 5free nail polish?

Well-known brands, advertise the order, 3make free or 5free nail polish are as:

Spa Rituals (3free) – Free of DBP, Formaldehyde, Toluene

Uslu Airlines (5free)- Free of Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde resins and camphor

Benecos (7free) – Free of toluene, Campher, Phthalate, Formaldehyde, vegan and not tested on animals!

Benecos is a natural cosmetics company, manufactures which 5free varnishes.

Nailberry – Free of formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resins, Dibutylphthalat (DBP), Toluene and camphor and Cruelty Free. Unknown whether phthalate-free.

100% Pure (7free) – Free of formaldehyde, Toluene,  DBP,  Campher, Formaldehyde resins, Xylenen, Parabens, Dufstoffen, Dibutylphtalat, animal materials (Thank you Nicole for reporting :)) – But Beware! in some paints I have in the INCI list Phthalate found, So I would call them rather than 4free.

Pacifica (7free) –  Without Parabens, Phthalate (including. DBP), Toluene, Xylene, Campher, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resins and animal substances

Couleur Caramel (7free) – The coatings are tested on animals and contain vegan and according to the manufacturer none of the above substances.

Logona – As the only nail polish 100% natural and even certified organic, but not vegan

Company 5free marked with paints usually pay more on the ingredients, where the nail polishes e.g.. are water-based or based on nitrocellulose, This is true, however, also apply to some drug-paints.

Spa Rituals and Scotch Naturals were earlier this year even strongly criticized, as in the supposedly natural paints Contaminants have been found. There was a similar incident a few years ago when the brand SANTE nail polishes, now the problem is resolved (s. here).

There is also in the drugstore masse varnishes, the 5free are, are not marked as such.


How do I find out which paints are otherwise still 5free?

To find out, simply you need only a Look at the ingredients throw!

The five substances are hidden in several names, these ingredients should not be listed in the INCI'S:

DMD-Hydantoin, Quaternium 15, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, -urea, Bronidox, Diazolidinyl
Toluene, Methylbenzol, Methylbenzen, Phenylmethan, Retinaphtha, Anisen, Toluene
Formaldehyde resins:
Dimethylol Glycol / Urea, Tetramethylol glycoluril
Campher, Camphor
Bake the cupcakes at older paints, whose ingredients you no longer find on the counters or on the Internet, help you most of Customer Service further, read best an e-mail. In most cases, you get the INCI list, simply grab all ingredients in a word processor and a search in the nail polishes according to the abovementioned substances.
Extra-Tipp: Often you can in the programs with the following keyboard shortcuts to quickly access the search:
For PC users: CTRL F
For MAC users: CMD F
So you can create a short list of your nail polishes yourself.

Do you have a list of 5free coatings of nail polish companies?

And. To assist you a little, I have already asked many nail polish companies, if I could get and publish the ingredient lists of nail polishes, so you can use the Listen z.B. upload to your smartphone and look in the business, if your desired nail polish is 5free.

These lists are not only aware of the paints Listings, the 5free are, but also the whole ingredient lists. This includes all substances of concern highlighted above. Thus, if a part of the ingredients of a paint marked in red, he is after my (stricter something) Not criteria (!) 5free. Nevertheless, you can decide for yourself in this way, if you want to do without, for example, only to dibutyl phthalates or to all and see exactly, on which ingredient it is, I classifies the paint than not 5free.

Thus, I can present you the ingredients following brands now:

Edit: Caution, in Safari on the iPhone, the marks are not displayed, if you do, however, imported in iBooks, likely to fold it. For other wireless devices may also lead to difficulties. To test I have ever given a mark among the list, so you can see, if perhaps the red marks are displayed at all!

 Astor Liste 

(To check: S.1 Perfect Stay – Phthalate)

Catrice list

(To check: P.7 color 01 It’s Showtime – Phthalate)

Essence List

Essence “the gel nail polish”

(To check: S.1 color 101 absolute pure – camphor)

Manhattan Liste 

(To check: S.1 Farbe 71S – Phthalat)

P2 Liste

(To check: S. 06 Color 017- Phthalate)

Rival de Loop / RdL Young Liste

(To check:S.1 Special Effects Farbe Sand 01 – Phthalate)

By clicking on it, will reach you to the PDF file, in which the “not 5free varnishes” marked. If I get even provided more lists, I will add here and you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Co. keep you posted.

Of course, All statements without guarantee! It may be from time to time, that I have overlooked a substance, Sometimes I had the ingredients separately from the website copy, What a very nice job and was in the running can always go wrong. If you look at absolute 100% want to be sure, then go the INCI's your desired paint just once more even by looking at the bar or by. I hope, that these lists you are a help anyway.

Unfortunately, I can here not list all the brands, because some have no list or. have not yet responded to my request and I have not the time to photograph the INCI booklets in the store and digitize.


Are there any natural nail polish remover?

And! Not only from a brand, but by many, these are then usually also NaTrue or BDIH certified. For example, I have nail polish remover of the brand SANTE (about. 6€) and the brand Terra Naturi (about. 3€) tested and was very pleased with both.

Nail polish remover of SANTE and Terra Naturi, both natural and certified with the BDIH seal.

Other brands, the natural nail polish remover for example are offering. Fresh Therapies orBenecos.


 What 5free nail polishes do you own and how you keep them on?

I used to be a real Nagellack-Junkie (and very well known for), so my cosmetic Love began in the first place to. When converting to natural cosmetics are they all migrated in a large cardboard box, I was firmly convinced, that the paints were full of toxic substances.

Later I discovered 5free Lacke and asked me, if not some of my paints could be 5free. Eventually, I took the time, wrote to the company and asked as to the ingredients of the old varnish and see, after sorting out remained almost half of paints, I can now use without concerns continue. To my surprise, hardly nail polish had dried, which are now. the, which were no longer usable, were almost completely empty.

Used to like nail polish shelves very, my friend gave me even tinkered times a, However, since I have a very small apartment and my cosmetic storage consumes a lot of space, I have recently a small Nail pockets created, to store the paints in a drawer can, but nevertheless to have an overview of all nail polishes in choosing. The idea for this I have from “It’s faaaabulous!

In addition you need the following:

– Nail polish subjects

Such nail compartments there are e.g.. on Amazon or Ebay. They consist of a long screw, a mother and (in my case) 50 Plastic nails.

– something for labeling (e.g.. Labelmaker or pen)

To label I have my Dymo label maker used with transparent tape.

– your nail polish :)

You just have to paint only the plastic nails with your nail polishes.

    NagellackFächerBeispiel (1)

I have two layers used, because otherwise I always twice paintshop to achieve a high opacity. In addition I have but does not use a clear coat.

The great thing about the plastic nails? They are easy recoating again with nail polish remover, they must not be thrown away, if the paint is used up, but can easily get a new coat of paint!


Even then all lettered and completed! Paintshop best next to an open window, because with so much paint smell is very intense.

Subsequently, the individual Threaded plastic nails on the bolt, naturally sorted by color with me :). That is also the great advantage over nail wheels, because so can compare similar paints not so well together. When subjects a new paint can easily be threaded in between.


I even some plastic nails left, my subjects are not yet fully!


Perfect for me, to decide, on what color I just feel like, without that I always have to dig out all paints. By the way can be so great painting also Farverläufe :),

How do you like this idea to keep track to?

How do you keep your nail polish on?

Do you know else a brand, which I nail polish ingredients once “by check” is or are 5free? :)

What you watch when buying nail polish?

Dearest greetings,


58 thoughts on “5free Nagellack (+ Lists and Storage)”

  • benecos INCI lists are available electronically and can be copied well in their online shop. I ask myself, What is actually not certifiable where… Must compare again!

    I bought the gloss from Logona, He went by the way down with the Sante Remover. He is out but almost, Next, a benecos Remover is waiting on the use :-)

    • That's right, Yes the lists to find out, are the finishes 5free, the question is already answered at Benecos, Since the brand only 5free coatings manufactures, that's why I made no Benecos list ;).
      Oh interesting, the Logona lacquer dissolves from castor oil, which paint is present in the Terra Naturi as well as in the Santé, Therefore, this works well :).

    • Hi Julia,
      I've even got a question about Manhattan.Du made already a list but with us in the stores, there's only the square load &Shine,but this is not included in your list. You would have a list may be supplemented. would be pleased about a response
      LG anna

  • Huhu, Julia,
    Thank you very much for your effort and this great overview! For some time I have painted my nails all the time and no thought to the ingredients used. This has changed now. by 100% Pure I have a previously unused Nail Polish here. The “normal” by Benecos I would like to test soon. I have still some of Sally Hansen and IsaDora here, the I me again geneauer will see.
    Do have a great tip for brittle nails? Often suffer my nails by painting :-/
    Best regards and thanks again :-)

    • Hi Nicole,
      Willingly! :) Agreed, 100% Pure manufactures Nail Polish also 5free, Thanks for the tip, I will just add that :). I use the nail building serum against brittle nails alverde and out and again a nail oil. Also, I paint the nails with lacquer, When I notice, they can break easily, because I like the Rival de Loop like nail professional, while I paint not only the top of the nail, but the front “Tip” of the nail, so the thin end, so he cancels front not so easy and is virtually sealed :).

  • The plastic nails are really funny. Luckily, my nail polish collection is quite small, I sort of like an overview.
    I believe, that Kiko produced also 5free nail polishes. I had recently found on their Web site and the following is under the normal paints: “Nail lacquer contains no abrasive additives such as toluene, Camphor, DBP and formaldehyde.” But rather a 4free Nail Polish.
    Dominate me coatings of essence, P2 and Catrice, more for reasons of price. They are relatively free of contaminants is but super :)

    Liebe Grüße

  • Hi Julia,
    You got a nice overview. I get increasingly, that my nails from too much Lackerei are brittle and dull. This is not only ugly looks, but in fact is in the Open box etc. really stupid :(
    Currently, I use only the nail polishes from Benecos. You are okay, vl for the price even top. They stand only a day without chipping.
    I wanted to test that actually from Logona, but they're not vegan :( (have I learned through your post) – pretty bad.
    Thanks for the tip with 100% Pure. I'll look at necessarily this me.

    Otherwise I keep my paints in a basket. There are not so many far ;)

    Greenest greetings, FRL Evergreen

    • Hello Miss periwinkle! :)
      Many Thanks! And, Nail hardener and the nail will help me there to paint very front, also they will be cut off every now and then, filed and eingecremt or. oiled :). Against the peeling an excess paint very helpful by the way, z.B to peel me. very easily from the rival de loop color coating, with a high finish he keeps much longer! I like really very much the Benecos coatings! :)

  • Hi Julia!

    Wow, with the INCI list you made yourself so lots of work – Respect and thank you! I'll download them to me at the earliest opportunity on the Smartphone and even match my paints.
    I would have for my paints in our first, shared apartment also like a shelf, but my better half is unfortunately little thrilled… Naja, just remain in the boxes, You can worship also the Swatchsticks. My look by the way just like yours :) However, I have me 100 send and just a few left ^. ^.
    To the benecos coatings, I sneak around even a little while, but nowhere, they have this beautiful light grey in stock >.<

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Hello Sicura,
      many thanks, I did really like it! :) When the load on the Smartphone you gotta watch, the tags also appear! :) Hihi, I can imagine that, for me that was only on my desk, because to striking. And, so I'm doing just that, at the moment I'm rather minimalistic around me, can be also great the Swatchsticks on your finger to check again, whether you have just ever looking for the color :). Hui, There are many pretty, Thanks to my Aussortiererei, is the collection “Fortunately” something shrunken ^^. This is of course a pity :S, you would then probably order or he's gone there already? :)

  • Great post, I have recently drawn Nail Polish in my Bloggewinnspiel a Benecos, I myself used still don't. I keep my nail polishes in two shelves made of wood, one is uncoated, and one is painted light blue.

    Love Nancy :)

    • Many Thanks! I like really like the Benecos coatings, They also won't chip with excess paint and the colors are great. My favorite is the light blue in the summer :). Oh, This looks sure very nice! :)

  • Love Julia, at this point I must say, that's is how much effort you put in your blog posts and photos unbelievable! Thanks a lot for this (: …as I pressed myself so far before to check my nail polishes on harmful ingredients your article is just right, Once again to remind me (: . Just the collection of ingredients by their INCI names is very good, because so I can look directly (: .
    I have very many nail polishes, that I keep in so a wood IKEA-mini dresser with several drawers x.) …Since I have already since childhood with nail biting problems ( -.- ) I regularly wear Ngalellack, because he keeps me from (: . One of my favorite paints, Ruby pumps by China glaze, is probably 3-free, but I don't know exactly, whether these are all China glaze coatings.
    Otherwise I'm wearing much Essie and Sally Hansen and must finally look, so what course where x.) !
    I would like to get soon a natural Nail Polish remove me, also my current favorite, the pink ebelin nail polish remover acetone free seems to to be safe (: . Liebe Grüße.

    • Make that super happy! That's very clever of you, the idea is great! :) I will look this and if they are all 3free, top supplement :). And, You can buy just a natural, If you're coming to a, I have the Miller around the corner to the happiness, Since I find both the nail polish remover from Sante, as well as the Terra Naturi :).

  • Thank you for all the work, that you made friends. I have long wanted to sort out my paints and finally I did it..
    I keep the nail polishes in a drawer, so a nail wheel is really handy.. you forget you somehow, What colors do you have.
    The brand ' ncla Los Angeles’ is also 5 free Nail Polish here. Have I ordered from Amazingy. Without formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, Camphor, It says animal testing.

    Liebe Grüße, Marleen

    • No Problem, I look forward, It can help you :). Yes and I find, If you have already so many, can I use also the whole range of colours, instead of always just the same, because you forget the other :). Thanks for the hint! :)

  • Wow, love Julia! Because you fucked out again a super comprehensive post. Incredibly great! Thank you very much for this. A great theme. I looked yesterday directly times, what paints I find in your lists, Here stand around. I found about half. I'll check the other times still.
    I like the nail polishes from Benecos at the moment. I need while two layers of it and an excess paint, this lasts longer than a day, but I really like the colors. And so the paint keeps me ca. 4-5 Days.
    All The Best

    • I think oddly always, that is there really not much to say and certainly only a few lines are and if I then wrote down everything, what I think is important, have I typed again half a novel -.-. All the better to know, that that what I write but reads :). Then I am happy, that I could make a bit lighter half of the work you, It was similar to, because half of my paints was pretty old, and I had to write to the company extra. I like also very much the Benecos coatings, I use, just like you, an excess paint, so he long :).

  • Hello, great compilation. Thank you for this! How does it nail polishes and those of Korres because with the Santé? Have seen on ever friends?

    Many greetings, the Alex

    • Hello Alex, I have to see even two brands, by SANTE I know, they are 3free, whether they are even 5free I must look again! :) I must look yet at Korres, Unfortunately, the brand produces only natural cosmetics, Perhaps the nail polishes are nevertheless 5free. :)

      • So I've looked for Korres, INCI offers a list of nail varnishes do not unfortunately the brand, on the homepage, but is: Without mineral oil, PROPYLEGLYCOL, ETHANOLAMINE, PARABENS, SILICONES, ACETONE, PHTHALATES, FORMALDEHYDE, CAMPHOR, TOLUENE, XYLENE. They are thus at least 4free, If they understand also the Formaldehydharze by formaldehyde even 5free, I type but rather on 4free :).

  • Dear Julia,
    Thank you very much for your effort and this great overview!

    I've always wondered, whether the Catrice are 5-free coatings and now I know the answer,

    A lot of, many thanks!

    • Hello Maria,
      not directly, because you referred to as phthalate esters of phthalic acid. Phthalic acid would be Phthalatsäure, from which arise with different alcohols phthalates. Phthalic anhydride is an anhydride of phthalic acid, It is created when water separation. So it's no phthalate, but it arises from the same source material: of phthalic acid.
      Liebe Grüße,
      Julia :)

  • Hi Julia,

    wow, What a post! Start to look too precisely with the issue of. Unfortunately I do not see the markings on the iPhone actually. And have no idea, How do I import the lists in iBooks, Since I have never used this app…. Can you help me?^^

    Liebe Grüße

    • Hi, Kathrin,
      Thank you! :) You must download iBooks and then open the document, and then type, now would have to top right “Open with…” emerge. It just click and select iBooks :).
      Liebe Grüße!

      • Hey,
        HM, I've installed iBooks on your mobile phone. Thought, that it should work somehow so and was surprised me, because it didn't work. Will trying again.

        Liebe Grüße

  • Thanks for this great post! I think it's really bad how little cosmetic companies are interested in the harmful ingredients.. I bought today a Benecos Nail polish and nail polish remover to Benecos :-) The lists created by you are really super! ♡

    • Unfortunately, one can not generally say the, because the ingredients of lacquer to paint are different. Zudemm I have the ingredients of paints unfortunately can not find, So you'd have the ingredients of a Essie lacquer to the fabrics Browse Top, If you have already bought it or buy want. :) Liebe Grüße!

  • Another brand is Provida Organics. You have also a patented Nail Polish series LIVING NAILS. Am am considering, If I try it. Does anyone have experience there?

  • Hi Julia, S-he Stylezone DM looks actually quite ok, better than catrice (aluminium) and def better than essence, or am I wrong here, is also cruelty free. What are you saying?

    • Hello dear Steffi, This is unfortunately generally hard to say, because one have to look every single paint ingredients there now, According to the principle above you can check it, Maybe I'm doing it also soon a 5free list :).

  • Oh you ever, This is a knowledge intermediary blog. Cow Inn is how much work there. Thank you! I mean to remember, that Provida Organics leads also nail polishes in the range. But I believe it is, In addition to some products, only a clear coat (Shell paint) He the mineral Earth can be mixed with pigments. Oh, I see, someone above already has written :) Naja. Does not harm. Anyway, a great article. Me not so much interested in the topic of Nail Polish. I just use any. But now I have something most definitely, where I can always look up, which are now. I can refer to the. Super! :) Many dear greetings, Lena

    • Many Thanks! :) Oh it's also a great idea, a clear coat easy to dye pigments, Shellack is of course different than conventional paint but is Yes already not bad :) I'm glad huge, I could help you more! Liebe Grüße :)

  • Thank you for the great and complex article and especially the INCI list of conventional providers. I bought recently the first time consciously 5free Nail Polish, After I've used long almost none because of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Of course I was wondering also, as it is ordered to the vial, I already in the Cabinet are have. I know now thanks to your list, you're not so bad. Thank you :-)

    LG Michaela

  • Thank you for this detailed article, really very helpful. I think it's still totally hard, to read from a list of ingredients, whether that now everything is in there or not. Can you look at possibly the following? So I'm sure, She is 3-free. But whether because formaldehyde resins and camphor in it's? I'm really overwhelmed:/

  • Hi Julia,

    Very interesting, Your report.! :-)
    My nails are very dry and I am of the opinion, it comes from the many pollutants in the nail polish, which are now. Unterlack.
    That's why I'm looking for a Groove filler 5- or 7 free.
    do have a tip for me randomly?
    Liebe Grüße

    • Hi Claudia! Phone, Good question, Since I myself rarely use base coat, I have unfortunately no product, I could recommend friends. Maybe you could look simply times up there in the list, If you can find a base coat, or but a natural shellac varnish, wie z.B. use as a base coat of Alterra, I have not tried but also still and don't know therefore, how well this is good as a base, This could be rather difficult just as deep groove filler. Liebe Grüße!

  • Hello, very interesting post! I am also so an INCI list Leserin…. For my posts I scan most of the time the. You've tested mainly drugstore brands, There are some more expensive brands, you are still consistent. Kure Bazaar z.B. Since the nitrocellulose is actually made of natural materials such as corn starch. The coatings dry within minutes and then no longer smell. I smell normal coatings up to 3 Days. Also ncla goes with me. I'm going to smell very, I can therefore not use most varnishes…

    Liebe Grüße

    • Hi Angi, Thank you! That's right, I put the focus just on this article on cheap brands, a little to show, you will find also cheap conventional lacquers, the 5free are. Kure dei Bazaar paints I want to try but already long time, Maybe I'm going to as soon a I, Thanks for the tip! That's right, the smell is often unpleasant in such coatings, I'm considering, how much smell the varnish of Alterra, but also something I think. Liebe Grüße :)

  • Hi julia
    I have a question about Benecos and Manhattan times:
    BENECOS:The coatings are Yes 5 Free have written how you... are they also without parabens

    MANHATTAN:Are the load&Shine of Manhanhattan coatings in the rectangular vessels auch5 free?

    I wanted to thank you even,because it has helped me very, and I do without anymore on Nail Polish and 5 free to use.
    LG anna

  • Hi Julia,

    many thanks, that you have put so much effort into it. I have been looking for nail polishes for years that do not cause me allergies and still last a long time. Thanks to your contribution I became aware of kiko Power Pro and I am very satisfied.

    Another thousand thanks and stay healthy!!!

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