50 (-33) shades of grey (TAG)

Hello my friend! :)

I have to admit yes, that I am neither the book "50 Shades Of Grey” Read , yet the film saw. Have I missed something there? I do not think so ;).

What then even more hits my nerve, is decorative cosmetics in gray, silver and black! Thank you dear Fräulein Immergrün for tagging! :)

After you recently been my red shades have presented, are here nowmy„17 Shades Of Grey”:


I have to admit, I like to like some of the products and they've bought myself, However, some were sent to me (With * marked), because in my Beuteschema rather fall brown, warm colors, simply because they look more natural on my skin type.

Two colors containing alverde Duo eye pencil in "graphite-mauve", which was sent to me recently. I need to experiment a bit, until I AMU have thus created, which I like ;).

The Kajalstift „silver star” alverde is in use every day. I wear it on the waterline, because it is for me the perfect, natural looking color, around the eyes to zoom optically! Unfortunately, he was from a LE, but fortunately I have a backup!

50 shades of grey Swatches
Swatches of products.

Already presented, I gave you theAlterra Kajalstift in „black” in facthere, He is and remains a favorite! If I want a little time more dramatic eyeliner, is the alverde Gel-Eyeliner in „black”optimal. With the dedicated alverde brush I manage a delicate line, holds until evening without problems. The dark colors of the alverde Quattro „dark temptation” can be applied wet for a great use eyeliner, I use them as eye shadow, however, hardly. The alverde Liquid Eyeliner in „black” was me, as the Duo Kajal, sent recently. My first impression is very good, it is opaque and durable. Unfortunately, the peak is not suitable for a razor-thin eyeliner, but nice for a stark Winged Eyeliner in retro look. Less well pigmented and therefore very natural the alverde Cream Eyeliner is in"Graphite gray", a detailed review there here.

Rather a let down was a native of a LELiquid Eyeshadow von Alterra in „shiny eyes”, because it can be applied uniformly hardly. More you can find here. Sometimes I use it as a base, but because I have better products, what to remember here can watch.

From the same LE, as the silver eyeliner, come the alverde eyeshadow "brilliant anthracite" and "brilliant silver".There are beautiful, well covering, radiant hues, I use from time to time for more elaborate makeup on special occasions.

Great for shading, to make it appear larger lips, (the instructions, I have the love of Mia from her latest Youtube Video) is the Mono Eyeshadow „Dusty Street” von Benecos. Of course, he is also a great eye shadow, but as I said, gray shades I do not use too often.

Since Vivaness I own the Zuii eyeshadow "Purple Ice" and have to admit, I love him! A tragebild already existed on Instagram:


Right now in the winter a beautiful icy color!

As for nail polish, so I have exactly three shades, which fit into the gray scheme:

 50shadesofgreynagellack (1)

"Glamorous p2" Glitter is a simple paint with silver particles, the wet n wild Paint is a silver-gray, which pink-purple shimmer and Crackling Lack von p2 is dull and black.


That they were already, my „17 Shades Of Grey”! :)

Join if you like, you are hereby tagged! :D

What kind of gray shades have you so at home? :)

Are you wearing prefer cool or warm colors?

Dearest greetings,


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