5 Gründe für und gegen lange Haare [Haarbande]

Hello my friend!

Sometimes I love them, Sometimes I hate my long hair. So I had to change the topic “5 reasons for longhair love” for this month into “5 reasons why I sometimes like my hair more and sometimes less”. 



1. You need a lot of care. (-)

I used to wash my short to medium length hair every day. That was quick, nothing knotted, rinsing just had to be used sometimes and even drying was quick. Today I have to set my alarm half an hour earlier when I forget to wash my hair in the evening. Some time passes until they are combed through and shampooed in, and rinsing or other haircare has become a must with this hair length. Now in summer they can air-dry, but still I usually use a hair dryer, especially in winter and that takes time.


2. You are sometimes impractical (-)

The longer they get, the faster my hair gets knotted or gets stuck somewhere, sometimes even in the car door. In winter that happens extremely quickly, I don’t like to wear them open, because in the evening it takes time to unknot these parts of the hair at the back of my head somehow. Fortunately, this is less common in summer, when it is enough to comb the hair short. The pictures were taken here at the lake and there the wind blew through the hair a lot. :) When combed through, they shine significantly more and appear somewhat tidier. Maybe I should always have a brush with me and comb my hair in between, but most of the time I have other things to do at university. One option would be to braid my hair every day or to wear another hairstyle, but I personally prefer to wear it open, it feels better and looks better to me.



3. Das Styling (+)

A huge plus is the styling. I have a lot of hair and therefore a lot of volume despite my thin hair. With long hair I can get up in the morning, comb it once and I am satisfied. It doesn’t look epic, but it’s perfectly okay. With short hair, the hair liked to stand out in all directions or had an extreme volume and looked “exploded”, which is why I often straightened them or simply was not happy with the look. In addition, shoulder-length hair often tickles my face, which unfortunately I don’t like at all. This is largely omitted with long hair and can tie if you need a practical hairstyle you it back in a flash or (at home) even put it briefly in the back of your sweater or T-shirt. Who else does it? :D



4. Hairstyles (+)

Even if that is usually too much effort for me: With long hair you can create beautiful hairstyles. Especially for special occasions you have so many possibilities to put up, to braid, to use hair ornaments, There is a variety of tutorials on the internet. :) I usually only wear a hairclip to attach the front parts so they don ’ t case in my face but I ’ ve Lakes of beautiful hairstyle tutorials that I ’ d like to try sometime.


5. The feeling (+)

The most important reason I love my long hair is the feeling. That sounds quite banal, but there is simply nothing more beautiful, If on a warm spring day a gust of wind drives through the hair. It feels light and free and makes me kind of happy. Just like the feeling when they touch your back.  Besides, the best thing is that they warm my neck and my shoulders. In winter I put up my hair for a theme party and noticed how frosty it was with short hair. Sounds like a very strange reason, but I really like it a lot. :D




Why do you like your short or long hair?


You can find even more reasons with the other girls: Please click here: Hair band website.

By the way, the blouse I wear is fair, by Armed Angels and is called “alka easy flowers”.

Lot's of love,

4 thoughts on “5 Gründe für und gegen lange Haare [Haarbande]”

  • Of course, everyone is even annoyed by the hair ;)
    I love the heat effect while in winter, wear then but only quite scarcely open, since they on scarf / jacket etc so fast knot with dry heating air. But there is Yes hats & Headbands :)
    It is because no option for you, just at night to wash? I do this for years – my sleep is morning too sacred to me.

    LG Jodiie

  • I can understand all your points ULI, because I also have hair long since my childhood. Intensive care, sometimes unnerving but always nice. The overhead work's worth it.

    A nice article,


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