36 City Rettungstrupp

Hello my friend!
Phone, it seems to me, like the calm before the storm.
During the last week scorching war, it has now cooled slightly.
Time to you my Favorites to show, me protect before melting ;).
Before the summer goes to the next round, So is there my own personal:
36 Grad Rettungstrupp Beauty Naturkosmetik

1. Terra Naturi – Orange Shower Gel & Mint
The first time you sniff it, not liked the smell and I was afraid to have made a bad buy.
Meanwhile, I love this fragrance in the morning in the shower so much! The mint wakes me and also refreshes the head, Orange has a pleasantly sweet.
I welcome also, that it foams really intense, better than other NK shower gels, I've tried so far.
2. Jislaine – Konjac Sponge
Perfect for daytime to wash the face, without having to use always the same, a cleaning product! In summer, this is especially useful, if one were to be washed anyway on loved ones through :D.
3. alverde – Body Spray Cucumber Watermelon
The stuff smells like chewing gum. Incredible… When spraying it smells not so enormous luckily, but rather by fresh cucumber. I use it like, because it also maintains some, Water does well ;).
4. Welda – Erfrischungsdusche Citrus
As I have already mentioned more often here, I love taking care of showers and Weleda Citrus is the perfect shower gel for the summer! Read a review you can find here.
5. Absolute Organic Eye & Neck Cream
A wonderfully delicate melting cream to Aloe Vera base. Sometimes I use it for the whole face. Absorbs quickly, but also maintains tidy and not the least bit stuck!
6. Terra Naturi – Lipliner 04 cherry blossom
Normally I wear lip liner on loved ones as replacement lipstick before eating, so I do not mitesse the creamy lipstick :P. But in the summer it is also convenient, because you do not feel it and it does not stick course. You see already, in the summer I do not like sticky things :D.
7. alva – Hydrogel
As the eye cream is also this gel aloe vera base. It pulls in seconds and leaves no film yet stickiness on the skin. The conditioning effect is unfortunately mediocre, when it's really hot it's enough for me, otherwise my gel is sometimes too little. But it leaves a fantastic and smooth feel! When I pick up the impure skin alverde Heilerde fluid, feeding as fast.
8. Mins – Organic Body Oil Jasmin
Huch, a body oil in summer? Ready, I need care often stick at all temperatures and while body lotions, pulls this oil within a minute or two, and has a pleasant smell!
Directly after epilation or shaving but I would not use it, I have there ever get a reaction with red skin. But is on it.
9. Dr. Hauschka – Face cream lemon balm
And, I have only one sample, and no, I'm not going to buy myself the cream in full size. Simply because I have way too many face creams. But the scent of lemon balm is super refreshing and also it's a very easy maintenance.
10. alverde – Camouflage
My makeup replacement in summer. I wear to a really small (!) Lot with my make-up egg from Ebelin all over his face spread over. The opacity is top and it feels like without makeup. For larger blemishes or dark circles you just take a bit longer, or use a concealer. Nursing as a (Mineral)Powder is all, in rather dry skin creams should still advance.
11. Alterra – Pflanzenölseife Orange
My last savior smells like PEZ! The vegetable oil soaps are alverde me (especially in summer) always something to rich, since the Alterra products are dear to me some!
Each handwashing good mood! :D
What are your Power-Produkte, refresh yourself in hot weather?
And what do you think of my brave rescuers?

17 thoughts on “36 City Rettungstrupp”

  • … so I use at 36° Yes a permanent fresh full body wash cloth, nothing more … Otherwise you go not! – Seriously, If there would be times – here! :-)
    I also really like the Konjac sponge, Although he has no “Magic effect” How often praised, but then, I like the clean feeling. Good idea, to take it easy more often on the day, in between. *listed *.
    And body sprays – because I like the favorite water pur! I got even a bottle and hope, that she will soon empty. Then I can fill them up with water. :-) Somehow remains a slightly sticky feeling then often. And right, sticky, I am myself enough, at 36°! ;-)

  • Since you have selected interesting products for the summer! Got there just a few inspirations. ;-)
    What times would be interested, What do you use for a face cream morning and evening, though not necessarily now 36 Degrees are!?

    • I'm glad! :) I have very different at home, balance me, Weleda, Alterra, Logona and I had a great Martina Gebhardt :). Are you looking for a good cream? How is your skin? :)

    • Am looking for a good cream!

      Have a partially sensitive/dry combination skin. In the summer, my skin needs only a very slight care which absorbs quickly, because it is otherwise quickly over pflegt.
      My skin especially on the cheeks is very dry in the winter, and tends very.
      Maybe you can recommend me Yes a good cream!?
      Would be nice! :-)

  • I find interesting the oil from Neom, generally, I still don't know the brand. But I also very like using oils in summer, is always important, how quickly it moves

    • And, they wont just more intense than body lotions, at least I think it's so :). Neom is really great, as far as I know not everything is of course but. I know of this brand even scented candles :).

  • I would even be interested, how your history-care routine looks in the spring/summer!? :-)

  • Oh ja!:-) I would think it very interesting if you show your facial skin care routine on instagram time in spring/summer!


  • I like the Alverde body spray in the summer also very much, also the citrus shower from Weleda, and the Konjac sponge is anyway almost daily in use with me.
    Otherwise I love in the warm season Hydrolates, so I currently have a black currant Hydrolate by Maienfelser in use and a lavender water spray by Safeas. If it's hot right is, is always a Hydrolate in a refrigerator, and I spray it for refreshment on face, Neck, Wrists, Neck etc.
    Also a cooling gel for legs is essential, Since I use the SOS like fresh gel for tired legs from Yves Rocher, It cools properly great.
    I must try out the shower gel from Terra Naturi, your description sounds very tempting.
    Wish a great summer

    • Oh Hydrolates are definitely something on my wish list! :) So far I own one sadly yet :(. You are certainly more comfortable than body sprays :).
      Thank you! I wish you also a great summer! :D

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