Bildlich Gesprochen (Pictures + News)

Hello again! :)
I have to tell you something. You may be disadvantaged.
As you may noticed, I love to post pictures, hauls and discount news on Instagram, Twitter and sometimes on Facebook. So if you haven’t got such an account, you won’t be able to get those news.
There’s an end of it!
This is a new category called
Pictures + News
I don’t want to post every single picture but the most interesting ones in my opinion.
You think this is a good or bad idea? Please tell me in the comments! :)
So if you follow my account already, you can just glance through this article, I will put also some new stuff in here!
So, let’s get started!
These are my three Alterra lipsticks! The first one has a SPF factor of 15 but is a bit “dry” on my lips. The two others are way more creamy, and I love them for everyday use. Even after disappearing they leave a hint of color!
So why am I telling you that?
Because this week there are 30% off all lipsticks and nail polishes at “Rossmann” (a german drugstore). 
Maybe I will buy another color ;)
@annabella010 asked me to show her my favourite make-up for spring and here it is! :D

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