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It is no secret, that I am in love with the products of the Italian brand purobio. I use the foundation nearly every day and bought it again after it was empty. I also bought products like the eye primer or the beautifully shimmering, bright eyeshadow. If you follow me on instagram, maybe you saw the great surprise parcel with amazing new products! Way too much for one article but today I want to start with reviews of the new lipsticks, lipliners and lipbalms.

Lipsticks and lipliners


The new lipsticks cost 11,99€, are a bit more pricy than drugstore cosmetics but not as expensive as high-end products. The surface was a bit white when they arrived but this is just because of temperature differences and does not change the quality. I air-dried it slowly for a minute and they looked normal again.

The lipliners cost 5,99€ and are available in twelve colors. I tried the eight ones that fit to the new lipsticks.

Colors and finish

I really like the different colors, the only one I miss is a bright orange-red, but this is just a personal thing. :) The finish is semi-matt and looks more shiny on the photos because I just applied it and I took it with my ring light, it is better visible on the photo with the swatches.

Purobio lipstick of Lipliner swatches
Right, just the lipstick is applied, just above the lip liner, links together.



The two bright colors (35, 08 lipliner and 01, 02 Lipstick) are vegan, the others contain carmine.

Texture and durability

I really like the lipliners without the lipsticks. They are creamy and make my lips less dry than the ones from Terra Naturi and alverde I use normally, but still have a very thick consistency. They are perfect for occasions where you know you’ll eat something because they are way more durable than lipsticks. I don’t like them that much with the lipsticks, though, because it is hard to get a precise edge with it. Especially with dark colors or to make the lips look fuller a precise line is very important for me. But I like them a lot solo because they are matt and long-lasting.

I use lipsticks nearly every day. For me they are the most conventional-like natural lipsticks I ever used. The texture is creamy, not too waxy and not too liquid on my lips. It gets a bit drier and less shiny after some time but still feels nourishing and a tiny bit sticky. I just love the feeling as I prefer waxy and creamy consistencies and don’t use a lot liquid formulas like lipgloss. It just feels natural in my opinion. While disappearing slowly, the lipsticks leave an even stain. Only the reapplication is a bit difficult because sometimes it gets crumbly and I couldn’t find out why.

By the way: I gave my sister lipstick no. 02 as a present and my mom got my lipstick no.08 (because I don’t like dark brown lipsticks that much and they both absolutely love it and would buy it again. I am very happy about that because my mother used a conventional lipliner and lipstick before because she never found a natural one that she was completely satisfied with.

My favorite combination is the lipstick no. 02 with my alverde lipliner „pretty mauve“, it is just perfect for a fast and easy everyday and even for intense eye make-up.

Purobio “02 pink sand” with alverde Lipliner “pretty mauve”


The lipsticks contain castor oil, coconut palm, candelilla wax and other nourishing additives (stearyl behenate, triglycerides and coconut fatty alcohol), film forming ingredients (glyceril rosinate), emulsifiers (polyglyceryl-3 diisostearate), vitamin e for conservation and perfume without any declarable, irritating ingredients in it. Also they contain color pigments (labelled with Ci) like shimmering mica or iron oxides. The not-vegan lipsticks contain carmine.

You can find all the ingredients here:

Ingredients Lipsticks

The lipliners contain hydrated vegetable oil, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, sesame seed oil, nourishing additives (triglyceride, octyldodecyl sterol stearate), emulsifiers (polyglyceryl-3-diisostearate, glyceryl caprylate), a vitamin e derivate, sorbic acid for conservation and color pigments like mica and iron oxides. The non-vegan products also contain carmine.

Ingredients Lipliners


The black packaging is minimalistic yet classy and in my opinion just beautiful! I love such simple designs a lot more than bright colors. They are made from metal and unfortunately there is no way to refill the products. Also they easily tumble over while standing because they are not that good balanced but maybe I am just picky with that.


The lipliners are wood crayons that can be sharpened.


 What really confused me at the beginning was the different imprinted color on the packaging of the lipliners and lipsticks. So I always had to open the products to compare the colors and to see if I chose the right color-pair. If you only own one pair, this is no problem at all but with all colors at home it would be more easy to see this at first glance.

To avoid this, I bought an organizer by ebelin, so the lipliner is always right next to the fitting lipstick. :)




Last but not least I want to tell you a bit more about the six new lip balms. Obviously I couldn’t test them all already but I can still reveal my favorite one: The normal everyday lipbalm. Why? It just smells exactly like Kinder chocolate! :D

The tinted version smells more fruity and leaves a hint of color.


For colder days I use the Ultra Hydrating lip balm with a neutral scent in the evening (it is very waxy and sometimes difficult to apply) or the revitalizing lipbalm which is a bit more oily and smells fresh and powdery, it reminds me a bit of chewing gum but is less dominant. I haven’t tried the kids and the peppermint lip balm yet, because I don’t like the smell of them that much.

Like the lipsticks they are more waxy and not that liquid or oily.

They all contain castor oil, carnauba wax, sunflower oil, vitamin e and nourishing additives (cetyl ricinoleate). In addition to that, every version has its own, special ingredients:

Everyday Color Lipbalm: Argan Oil, Aroma (with Geraniol, that is sometimes irritating) as well as color pigments.

Everyday Lipbalm: Shea butter, cocoa butter, mango seed oil and chamomile extract.

Chilled Lipbalm: Menthol, olive oil and Limonene/Linalool (maybe irritating, from menthol).

Kids Lipbalm: Cocoa butter, aloe vera extract, chamomile extract, calendula extract, rice starch and sugar.

Ultra Hydrating Lipbalm: Aroma, olive oil, musk rose oil, chamomile extract and calendula extract.

Revitalizing Lipalm: Argan Oil, aroma, grape leaf extract, black currant leaf extract, goji berry extract, hyaluronic acid and linalool (maybe irritating).

You can find all the ingredients here:

Ingredients Lipbalms

So these are the new purobio products for the lips! I really like them, especially the lipstick because in my eyes they are pretty much like conventional products.

How do you like the colors, the packaging and the ingredients?

Do you think the price is okay or too expensive?

Have you tried one of the products, yet?

Lot's of love,




18 thoughts on “Purobio news – Lipsticks, Lip liner and care!”

  • Wow, great overview! Great, If time geswatched, you can see all the colors. Somehow I like all, could not now spontaneously choose, which I like best. And 12 I think euro for a lipstick still absolutely ok. There's all other caliber ;-)

    LG Michaela

    • Thank you so much! :) I also like the choice of paints, It's hard to decide! I also think that to me, is already more than a drugstore product but it is in the quality. :) Liebe Grüße!

    • And, that's too bad, but personally I think better than synthetic dyes that, I understand but, If you do it to Carmine of prefer a bow. I think it's super, There are slowly becoming more products in the natural cosmetics with semi matte and matte finish! :)

  • Oh, the 05 (Cherry) is beautiful! I like most such blaustichigen colors.
    I find the price absolutely okay, You can get something for the money. Finally, there are lots of lipsticks, She twice as expensive and it umpteen times are so poisonous…
    Liebe Grüße!

  • Love Julia,
    Thank you for this detailed review of the new lip products. I like the two colors 01und 02 the best and even better, because they are vegan, Since I don't need Carmine in my products for a long time.
    The colours look really pretty tired and I'm not at all sure, whether lip liner or Lipstick would be the better choice * hehe *.. If the lip liner are grooming I would prefer they probably (: .
    Thanks for the view and your honest opinion! This helps tremendously in the selection.
    Lots of love <3 .
    Theresa published by Project cosmetic change recently…My skin history + Tips for hormonally related acneMy Profile

    • Dear Theresa, I would love to! :) Especially at nuance 02 was I surprised it also, being vegan! :) Nice to meet you, I could give you a small overview, I'm curious, whether you buy a lip liner or lip stick and as you like it! :) Liebe Grüße! <3

  • What a great overview! I love to swatch exposés, They help one always enormously in the color picker…The brightest sound and strawberry I like best.
    Liebe Grüße,

    • Thank you very much LinaLou love! I had considered itself the other day to buy me one of the lipsticks, before I get to have and I was undecided but, because I found only YouTube videos to do this and I because the colors don't really “compare” could. All the better, I was allowed to assume that now own. :D Greetings!

  • The colors are very nice and the swatches really super! The composition of the Liplinern and the lipsticks in the stand fits really well – so clear. By puroBio, I know only the eyeshadow. Lip products I am not yet come in contact, but the Farbswatches are very very seductive. I have stupidly three colors, which I find super, but in itself, I find the prices not too expensive – especially since the portability / durability / Texture sound so good. And I'd even spannd semi matte finish. Thank you very much for the detailed report!
    The best tea

    • Thank you! I'm so glad, I found the top stand, I have used before simply forever to find always the right lip liner :D. Very much like, I am pleased, He helped you a bit when the color picker! Many greetings :)

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