Vegan Nail Polish fever – Alterra-LEs “Just vegan” and “Golden wish”

Hello my friend! :)

I don ’ t buy a lot from drugstore recently limited editions, because I feel like it is often the same colors in different packaging. The new golden wish limited edition by alterra is not so special in my eyes, but I fell in love with the golden nailpolish!

Alterra Golden wish limited edition LE stand

Here are the swatches of the limited edition:


Nevertheless I am the completely in love with their nailpolishes. They are easy to apply, two coats are enough and they are all 5free (more about this here). So, I can remove them easily with my natural nailpolish remover from terra naturi.

So I was pretty happy to find another limited edition in Rossmann, called “Just vegan”. It contains ten nailpolishes: Nine colors and one top coat.


Alterra just vegan Nail Polish limited edition color selector

Here is the list with all the ingredients:


Applied the four colors look like this:

Limited Edition nail varnishes of Alterra from the "just-vegan" and "Golden wish"" LE: Vegan Burgundy, Vegan Red, Vegan Berry and Golden wish 01, all 5free.


I like “Golden wish 01” the most with two coats applied:


“Vegan Berry” is a cool berry red with some white in it:


I searched for such a color for some time now, because I often wear a similar combination on my lips: The alverde lipliner “pretty mauve” with a slightly lighter lipstick like 02 by purobio or the lipgloss from the new couleur caramel limited edition “Sunday in Deauville”.



“Vegan Red” is very brilliant, although you can’t see the shimmering particles in sunlight, it just looks bright and red.


In artificial light it begins to sparkle. :)


I bought “Vegan Burgundy”, because it is similar to a nailpolish by Rival de Loop, that’s also 5free but a tiny bit lighter. It is nearly used up, so I needed a new bottle of this color. :)


In this photo the nailpolish looks a bit more bright and warm, because it was a sunny day, in the evening it looks darker and more blueish.

I am really happy, that Alterra keeps working on their nailpolishes because they are great, easy to apply, easy to remove, they dry fast and last some time, so they are as good as conventional nailpolishes, maybe even better! :)


Do you use 5free nailpolish or any nailpolish at all?

Do you like the new limited editions? :)

Lot's of love,


9 thoughts on “Vegan Nail Polish fever – Alterra-LEs “Just vegan” and “Golden wish””

  • I find beautiful Berry and Burgundy!
    I've never had a nail polish of Alterra. Unfortunately, I get far too seldom to Rossmann. Next time I'll look around but definitely after!
    Liebe Grüße!

  • Love Julia,
    I also absolutely succeeded in the LEs – above all the nail polishes. Even though I've found, that they are not so brand new ;) The one or the other were actually ever at other LEs (and I own already). Also, they resemble those of Benecos in the nuances of clear. Nevertheless: Great LE. Actually I hope, Alterra which can be in the range and then also fabrnmäßig is still increasing. So I've found, that the Dark Violet tone when Benecos was taken from the range – This is already my 2nd Lienlingsfarbe, that there no longer is * hmz *.. Maybe put Rossmann da.

    Thank you for the link and I still have a nice Sunday.
    Miss periwinkle recently published…Kitchen Sunday: Vegan yeast gastropods with pearsMy Profile

    • Dear Miss periwinkle,
      Sometimes I also feel, that some colors are not completely newly formulated, but also significant similarities with coatings such as z.B. Catrice and co. exhibit, just as in the Golden paint. :) And maybe just the classic tones are, what always pull be purchased. :) That they are also identical with paints from old LE's of Alterra is very interesting! I would also like me, that they remain in the standard range, especially stands out Alterra this also from alverde and Terra Naturi. :)
      Liebe Grüße, I wish you have a nice Sunday evening! :)

  • I share your enthusiasm for the Alterra nail polishes! I had originally only planned to purchase the Golden paint the Le, was disabused but then in charge but! :I am already D, If I can apply wish Golden for the holidays! :)
    You must give credit to Alterra, the idea to make nail polishes in the LEs and the range was a stroke of genius!

    • And, so that can sometimes go, I wanted to come also with four lakes home, the Just Vegan saw Installer but when I… :D. I myself also, Maybe Yes before to get in the mood for glitter or paint it on an advent :D. I can agree with just friends! :)

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